Its my mom's fifth year death anniversary today. I wrote a really soppy post which i decided not to post. I couldn't continue writing that post too. Maybe someday when it does not hurt any more.

I don't have much to share with you guys today since i wrote and cried too much on the last post. I can't see very well too now as my eyes have puffed up like mini cupcakes. They are hopefully chocolate flavoured cupcakes. Damn i am hungry. But i promise my friend GLP's Typist that i'll join her in her Matchaton. I will try my very best to do a post a day for just a week. Any longer is not quite possible. At least not for me.

I got a few shades darker from running around to a few places today.

Sent my car off to the mechanics to do a service as its sputtering white smoke. My usual mechanic Ah Man was not around. I only trust Ah Man with my car because he's really smart and responsible. A younger fella came jumping out from between the mountains of new tires.

He got into my car and sent me home while he took my junk off to repair. He was so shy when i ask for his name. *LOL* I thought he was going to freeze in fear or choke from saying his name. I am really an old lady. I even drive like one. Oh.. his name is Ah Sang. Chinese fellas always use a single word from their whole entire name and just add a "Ah" in front. My friends call me Ah Ann sometimes. There's a lot of ee ah eee ee ahh ahh...

My car is an old junk. It only takes me to the market and back. Sometime it takes us to Kuala Lumpur and my dad will have to pray all the way just in case my car conked halfway on the highway. It has conked before... on the highway with two dogs, an old man, a kid and me. *LOL*

I cannot afford a new car now as my office accountant has got really lazy and decided not to print our payslips for us. Its been a very long time since i got my payslip. Its a wonder i am still getting paid. My office accountant got really pissed and defensive today when i asked for payslips. He said his software has conked and he can't print payslips. That's what he said last year too. He said if you don't trust me, get an auditor in to check. What an idiotic accountant. If your software conked, you should go out there today and get a new software. My boss can afford one.

I made a new friend today at the hardware shop. I was looking for a tradesman to fix a lock at the apartment. Its really very hard to get people to come by to just fix a broken lock for you. The hardware shop owner was asking me if i know how to change the locks myself.

My new friend is called Mountain. I kid you not. He passed me his namecard and his name was printed as Mountain Ng. I really tried not to choke and laugh because I do have a friend who name herself Rain. That was even before Rain the Korean singer got famous. He does have a very nice body.

Mr Mountain came with two workers to fix one lock. He only charged a little for service. They don't have an office or a shop. He operates from the car. All his supplies and drills are in the car. I got him another job to fix a grilled door for me at the apartment. I'll see him again in ten days time or earlier.

Dom only saw me going in and out a lot today. He usually eats breakfast with me... and share my brekkie sometimes. I only like to eat bread for breakfast... really. I am just lazy that way. I also have to feed him his thyroid pills in the morning.

Here he is with me in the late evening. We are I am watching telly and munching on bunny cookies that sis brought in March. Opps! Its May already and i just opened this pack of Easter bunny cookies. Even my cookies are expiring fast. Time is just moving too fast this year.

Temptations... evil woman

FYI... Curly got his share of the bunny cookie. 
I ate all the yellow cream parts and he ate all the brown parts.

Do drop by Corbin's blog. He'll be needing a lot of prayers and paws crossed for his recovery.

In our national language.
Mountain = Gunung; 
Rain = Hujan

Goodnite everyone!

Note to GLP's Typist:
I do not know how this post got this long... *LOL* Anyways... hopefully i can do a post tomorrow and the next day and just for a week Miss Typist.

8 woofs:

Sandee said...

Sorry about your mom, mine has been gone since 1991. I still miss her terribly.

Dom is just the cutest.

I sure hope you get paid soon. That's not right. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Unknown said...

no worries Sandee.. i am getting paid.. every month very punctually :) we are just not getting our payslips to verify the amounts :)

i guess we all will still miss our moms even when we are old and bent.

Lorenza said...

Sure this was a special day for you.
Our thoughts are with you.
No payslips?? For more than a year??
Hmmm... not funny, right?
It sounds like a fair share of those cookies!
Kisses and hugs

Spiffy said...

I have a staff called Sky. Now I'm looking to hire, Rain, Mountain and Water ... hahaha!

georgia little pea said...

I'm latte! I'm late! So sorry! I've had quite a good day (it being a holiday) and didn't get to read any blogs at all. Oops.

I'm sorry you still feel so sad about your mum. You must have been very close. Maybe one day, you'll share that post your wrote. I find it very helpful to write about these things myself.

You know for a moment, I thought that bunny was a stuffy? Thats a LOT of cookie there. I hope you didn't eat it all at one go, even with Dommys help.

I hope your car, your door, your lock and whatever else is all good now x. Onto your latest post! x

Unknown said...

No payslips for more than a year.. hahahhahaa Its crazy right Lorenza.

Unknown said...

Hey can hire my friend Rain... and we'll find a Mountain for you. I am not sure where i can find you Water though... :p

Unknown said...

You are never late my dear GLP.. when did you became latte? Enjoy your hols.. don't blog.. and no need to read other's blog. You can do the catch up when you return. Just get a lot of sand on them furs... and have fun.

btw.. we had 3 of that bunny cookies.. hohoho... its not really that big. Its about the size of a blackberry mobile. We weren't even full... Dommy wanted MORE >>

Everything's fixed for now... hopefully no one breaks into our unoccupied aprt again.