How to smell like your furry best friend? Its an easily acquired scent.
  • First you try and drag out your furry friend from under the bed where he's hiding. 
  • If that don't work, tempt him with jingly jingly keys. 
  • If that don't work too... you'll have to bring out the secret weapons.
Secret weapons around here are usually
  1. the broom to sweep him out.. HAHAHHAHAHA.. it usually spooks him out
  2. the green one 
Green one always get him out without the sweep. He is easily conned and easily bought.

You know you cannot ask you furry friend to step into the loo for his bath. That don't never works with Curly. He has to be lifted and carried to the loo.

Into the loo we went. Our loo is very small. Between the shower and the container for water to the toilet seat, we only have a very tight space. I shower him in the loo as its tight and there's warm water.

If you have never tasted doggy soap, bath your dog in a tight small toilet. You will get a taste of the wondrous soap and they sure don't taste like chocolate cupcakes. After the shower and everything, he has to be lifted and carried to our small storeroom with a closed door just in case he tries to runs very fast and hide under the table. If that happens, you'll never get him out even with 10 Green ones.
Why are you taking pictures silly cow? I will not look your way

Hurry up silly woman. I am an OLD dog you know. I can catch a cold. 
I am still not looking your way.

Do you really haveta put your mobile so close to my face?
Wait till i grab it and munch on it.

What interest would our readers have with my beautiful back?
Or do they? I am not FAT you know. Its just fluffs.I do have a waist.

Are we done yet? Quit taking pictures and hurry up will ya. 
My knees are crumbling under me.

Do we haveta go thru all the procedures. Just a blow dry will do you know. 
I am not even dirty. I've just acquired a very nice scent and now you have washed and blow it all away. 
Do you even know how many days of sweats and sweating to acquired my beautiful scent.

YAY! We are done! Am i the cutest fluff? I am OLD but i can still be cute.

Yes.. i am on your bed silly woman. I am not getting down until i am rewarded for my patience.

Can i have my greenie now please?

My cow now smells like a dog. She has successfully transferred all my beautiful scent over to herself.
I think she stinks! She needs a bath.

Note to GLP's Typist:
We are only on day 2 of the Matchaton. How am i gonna last one week? I think i might haveta cheat.

11 woofs:

Unknown said...

Bathtime is never fun for us over here. I always need a bath after bathing Haylie :) she does love her bath time treats though :) stay warm

georgia little pea said...

Yay! You posted again! You're a tough lady. And BTW,nits killing me too. You can be sure I'll be taking a lidanafter this week :)

Isn't it strange how we smell like dog after bathing a dog?

When you say you bathe Dom in the loo, you don't mean the toilet (bowl) do you? I am having visions. This could be a language thing :p


Unknown said...

We do smell like dog after their bath right Kari... a bathtime treat is most necessary for all the patience :)

Hope you are feeling better today.

Unknown said...

It isssssssssssssssss killin meeeeeeeee.. *LOL* We will both be very quiet if we can finish a 7 post tiny marathon.. hahhahahahaa..

urmm.. i call the toilet the loo... *LOL* Most definitely not in the bowl else he'll be most traumatised. He won't fit too.. He's too fat.. he might break the bowl... but you did give me some visions. *LOL*

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Lol, you are so right! It never occured to me that as we scrub our pups clean we end up drenched in their doggie scent. And, as Dom would know, Poodles have A LOT of fluff which means there's plenty more of that doggie scent trappd in their curly coats...

The Daily Pip said...

OH NO! You have gone and given my assistant an idea, they are dragging me off to the tub now!

Your pal, Pip

Marg said...

Oh Dom. you so look all nice and clean now. I bet you feel better too after a bath. Hope you got those greenies for sure.Hope all of you have a wonderful week end.

Sandee said...

Poor baby. Some babies love their baths and some don't. I'm glad you got a greenie for your trouble.

Have a woof woof day. :)

3 doxies said...

Hehehe, our baffroom ain;t dat littles but mum still tastes soap when her baffs me and then hers all soakin' wet too and then her moans and groans and blah blah blah.
Yes, and her has to carries me to da tub.
Da blobs always be perfect in bafftub.

I htinks you nots fat at all hairs!


Ann said...

why do humans insist on doing such silly things. Always good to see you Dom.
Your pal Duke

Lorenza said...

I wonder why they have to take away our natural smells!!!
Kisses and hugs