My mom, my siblings and i. My youngest sis was just a month old here :) I am the third in the family of four girls.

My mom has always been with us while we were growing up. She cooked, she cleaned and mend all our wounds. My mom was a SAHM. She tend to all our needs and heard all our silly stories. She defended us always. She took in all our giggles... and four girls can be quite a giggly lot. But she always tells us.. empty vessels make a lot of noise.

I remember she rode with me on the school bus on my first day of kindy. I was the proudest child on the bus as i had my mom with me by my side. The rest just ride on their own and look like they were about to burst out crying. One other parent even asked my mom to take care of his child and take her in to school too on that first day as he had to work.

She used to drag my youngest sister and i all over town to buy material to sew clothes for us. We two being the youngest always get to tag along with her. I used to frequent the hospital quite a lot when i was a kid. I was a troublesome kid. I always had an itch on the hands or on the legs and sometimes i wheeze at night ^.^

The best medicines are always at the general hospitals. Usually my mom took me as my dad had to work. Once while we were waiting for our turn, she got dizzy because of the heat...and fainted. Before she fainted she just told me.. hold on to my purse and your sister's hand. I held on to both for dear life and the nurse helped her onto a bed to rest. We waited till she woke up again and then we took the bus home.

I like this picture a lot. My mom was very happy here. We took a lot of pictures on that day. My eldest sister's 12th birthday. We had a big cake for her. Somehow all the pictures turned out pinkish for some reason. The whole batch of pictures were pink but still am very happy memories :)
Remembering my mom with love.   
 Happy Mother's Day to my siblings, my friends and all of you out there who are mothers. 
A mother's love knows no bounds.

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Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute for your beautiful and very special mom.
Kisses and hugs

Batman said...

Celebrate their lives! our mom's are forever with us until we meet them again at the end of the rainbow bridge. Happy Mother's Day.

Spiffy said...

Your mom sounds like a nice person.

What? You mean you're not troublesome now? LOL! I'd better run fast, fast now :D

But before I run, nice posting btw.

Ann said...

wonderful memories of your mom when you were growing up, What a pretty lady.

sprinkles said...

I really enjoyed seeing your family pictures and reading about your mom.

I hope you can join me for my annual Doggone Dog Swap!

Nessa said...

Such a lovely tribute to yr late mom. Love those pics, thanks for sharing. I think most of my old pics (80's) have turned pinkish too... hehe. And thanks for the Mother's Day wish. I didn't do anything .. well except run that day. Never celebrated MD actually. Urmmm sepa punya bum-bum pic tu? ;)

Unknown said...

still am a bit troublesome laa... aren't we all Spiffy?

Unknown said...

Actually... i always wondered abt the bum bum picture too Ness.. *LOL* I think it was just a poster someone at home bought from the poster place :D

You should celebrate Mother's Day. A mother is a most honorable person and you are one too.

georgia little pea said...

What a beautiful post Anny. Sorry I missed it. (I've not been blogging.)

Those are great pictures, pink or not. You all look so happy. Your mama was very sensible to tell you to hold on to her purse and your sister's hand! Given that she was having a fainting spell, she must have been quite a woman to still keep her wits about her :)

Hope you're feeling a little more cheery now. Days of remembrance can be hard. BIG HUG x

georgia little pea said...

P.S. reading your other comments made me realise I'd forgotten to mention THAT BUM poster lol. So 60s/70s free love hippie. Love it!

Unknown said...

I actually thought a lot of you would mention THE BUM picture first.. *LOL*

yea.. the hippie period.. *LOL* the daisy says it all :D

Soulie said...

Awww i love this entry so much...i cried! I miss my mom and dad a LOT!

Thanks for sharing :)

koko said...

What a wonderful tribute to your momma... love reading the story :)

Licks, hero