As some of you know, i spend some of my weekends taking pictures of cats at the shelter and we use these photos on our shelter events and profiles on facebook.

A franchise business owner (who sells cutesy cat things) approached us and requested for use of these photos in their outlet on their banners.

They will publish 2 of our adoptable cats each month on their banners and give us a 2 dollar donation for each item sold from their shop to the shelter. What do you all feel about this?

Should i allow the photos to be used? Would love to hear all your input. Thank you :)

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Spiffy said...

If it benefits the shelter, then by all means, let them use it. Might even get a few cats adopted, who knows :D

Sandee said...

How are you going to know if they sell anything? Is there a contract? There are a lot of great people on the Internet and then there are a lot of not so great people on the Internet. Make sure you research their business very carefully.

Have a terrific day. :))

scotsmad said...

We think that if it helps the cats in the shelter...then yes. It also gets their pictures out there for people to see!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Although Sandee has some good ideas.

Mr. Pip said...

As long as they are also promoting the shelter and the adoptable cats they are featuring, I think it sounds like a great situation.

Your pal, Pip

Ann said...

I agree with both answers. Yes, if it's going to benefit the shelter but like Sandee said do some research first to make sure they are a reputable company.

georgia little pea said...

Do your homework like everyone says. I've always wondered how ANYONE keeps tabs of percentage donations like this. Does anyone know if McDonalds e.g. really does what they say they're going to do? Perhaps it'd be better to ask for a lump sum donation for use of the pictures. What I like, is that they asked. That says something good, right?

Ann Oon said...

Thank you all for your feedback. Your answers shed some light for me.

We have responded and requested for a donation of food to the shelter instead for the usage of photos. I am okay with photos that i take being shared online. Being printed on other stuffs to be used for a business to gain profit is another issue altogether. I hate for things to come back and haunt me later.

I hate to think about money and transparency too... when it concerns an organization. Especially its not my own money.

But i do want to find homes for each and everyone of them waiting in the cattery. And so.. we'll just have to take this leap :)

Thank you all for your thoughts!!