Almost going to miss today's post for NaBloPoMo :) Urmm.. actually.. i kinda missed it by a few minutes.. hahhahaa.. but the wonders of Blogger and their scheduled posts... i am saved :D

Its been quite a tiring day (its the age thing... everyday becomes a tiring day.. hahhahahaa). I woke up early to go to the wet market to get some stuffs for cooking dinner. My sister with hubby and kids were back for the weekend. Its also a good time to get into the Chinese New Year vibe in the market.

But the earliest i could actually drag my lazy rear outta the bed was 9am. *LOL* If you really want to get the best stuffs and the best fishes from the wet market, you have to kinda get there by 7.00 to 7.30am. I got there about 9.20am but the market was still so full of people. Very excited people and a lot of buying. Trying to get myself into the market was a feat itself as most of the folks were just too excited looking around.. and standing still gaping and gawking at the new stuffs. I should probably take some pictures next time.

I am quite a regular here, so most of them kinda know me. Most know me by my uncombed hair and very sleepy face. Blurr and just rolled out from the bed look.. hahhaha.. yes.. i am a disgrace even to myself any time of the day. Actually i go to three different wet markets for different things on different days. All of these are about 10 mins away even if i am driving at snails pace :) That's the beauty of my hometown.

I only buy fish from one guy from Taiping as his fishes don't smell fishy. Don't ask me why i need fishes not to smell too fishy. But if i buy from the other stalls... my dad will know and ask me where i bought the fish. If it smells too fishy, he will refuse to eat and that will be another headache for me. So even if this guy only have one type of fish left on his stall while the others have a loads of different types... i will still buy from this guy with one type of fish. *LOL*

Sis and kids and hubby just reached Kuala Lumpur. They love to travel at night. I hate night driving. My eyes don't do so well at night anymore. I used to drive up and down to Kuala Lumpur too. Even alone and sometimes with Piper or Bola. I hardly do night driving. Its the people at home that worries when you drive late at night. And when you are tired, its always more dangerous at night.

Bola is always my best companion in the car. Once we drove for close to 6 hours because it was a public holiday. The usual journey will only take two hours. We listen to this advert on the radio for so many times that when we reached Ipoh, we can recite it on automatic pilot.. hahahhaa.. and he was just a small kid then. He is never a fuss and he's a wonderful child. Now he has grown taller than me. I have to look up at him when he speaks now :)

When he was little, he would stay over with me when my bro-in-law goes outstation. I will send him school in the morning as my place was nearer to his school. Before he sleeps, he will always tell me.. wake me when you see blue skies. And when i wake him up, he always opens his eyes with a big smile on his face. No fuss at all. Such a wonderful child. And he sings very well :)

Ahhh... my dad always love company especially when his grandkids comes back. He's an old man. He grumbles a lot. He complains quite a lot about everything. *LOL* He curses too sometimes. But he's an old man. He earned his right to grumble. He earn his right to watch tv as loud as he want to. He's just an old man.

Young farts like us should just bear with his ways. Urmmmm.. actually i am not that young anymore. *LOL* I love company especially when my family comes back home. Even Piper and Dommy was pretty happy with the extra company and the extra treats. Next week... we'll have more people. Jai will be home. Just counting the days.. Jai will be home.

We found a lot of Boy's, Bola and Rachel's baby clothes. Well.. maybe he shouldn't be wearing Rachel's clothes.. hahhahahahhaa.. Enough clothes for Jai to wear during his one month vacation with us :) Uncle John even fixed up the cot for him today. We are all set for you. Come home soon!

Goodnight people. Thanks again for humoring me on the last Fluffy Friday. I was so amused by some comments :)

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Incik RestNrilekS said...

Sorry Anny, lama tak singgah, sebab kesibukan (atau pura-pura konon2nya sibuk) melanda.

Aha, banyaknya post, rasa macam tak terkejar..

Macam tertinggal kuliah pulak. Sekali tertinggal (opss ponteng) banyak pula bacaannya.

Eh tabik on that NabloPoMo. Salute, penat-penat pun masih maintain : )

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Rizal suka nikmati perjalanan di waktu malam.

Deria lebih terbuka, lebih nyaman, lebih tenteram.. dan senang nampak antu... Ohhhhhh!!

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Oh Bola itu tidak fussy.

Nampak seronok sahaja keidupan Bola yang "innocence" dan ceria.

Owh, baiklah, Incik RnR tidak mahu fussy. : )

Thank you for reminding me how awesome is the child like feeling i have now seemed lost.

Selamat Hari Isnin Ya : )

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Yaaaayyyyyyyyy, berjaya hatrik macam bola berturut-turut. Ho Ho Ho..

Anny said...

hey Rizal.. thanks for dropping by :)

banyak jugo post.. hahahahaa.. krana the NaBloPoMo challenge with oneself.. nak cari pasal la tu.. hahahaa.. Feb month mesti kurang post dah :)

tertinggal kuliah?? hahhahahhaaaa.. kelakornya

Anny said...

Aku memang tak suka perjalanan malam becos i takut antuuuuuuuuuu *LOL* and mata suda semakin rosak :D

Anny said...

Bola memang tak fussy.. middle child is always quite accomadating. Hidupnya memang innocent and ceria when he was little.

Anny said...

hahhahaa.. memang berjaya jugak... kalu its repeated over and over and over again...

Spiffy said...

I haven't been to a wet market in ages. Mrs. Spiffy and me used to go every Sunday at one time, now we just go to Tesco ... LOL!

Aiyaa, old people love to complain one, I should know, I'm one of them ... LOL!

Anny said...

When i was staying in KL.. i never go to wet markets too.. Tesco was my best friend.. hhahahaa.. its the convenience factor :)

ya.. old people do love to complain just about everything.. hahhahaha..i don't really mind it... u pon suda start complaining ko?