It is snowing quite heavily where Jai is now. This morning, my sister sent me some pictures of the white white white land. Both of them took their little one to the park to see the magical white wonderland. And it is a beautiful sight.

Snow snow snow in Jai's corner of the world in January.

It doesn't always snow quite so heavily. The picture below shows NO SNOW in December before Jai was born. NO SNOW at all. But it is still a beautiful picture postcard perfect place. Loads of canada goose, ducks, mallards... it was as busy as a market.

Jai's 1st birthday is over. Today he's 1 year and 2 weeks and 1 day old.

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And i'm still waiting for him to come home :( He's only coming in early Feb. So that he can spend at least one festive season with the whole family.. extended family and everyone else who is waiting for him to come home. Even Dom and Piper.

Sis sends us videos of him all the time. Now he babbles quite a lot in the videos. Its fun to see. Quite a lot of teeth in the mouth too. I have one of him banging on the glass door.. *LOL* Wait till he gets to the terrible twos. I bet my sis and bro-in-law will lose more weight.

He was suppose to come in December for Christmas and his 1st Birthday with us. But he had to have his jabs after his 1st birthday. And the jabs were a wee bit different from the jabs we have for kids in Malaysia. For the better good, it is better to have his jabs first and come back after that.

I wonder if he still remembers me. Last i saw him... he was just a few days old. 9 days old to be exact. He decided to let me enjoy my holiday and spend some time with sis before he decided to make his grand entrance. Deliberating.. he did take quite a while to come out.

My sister choose her hubby and me as her birthing partners. They keep telling Jai to wait till i arrive. And he did wait.... quite a while *LOL*

Over in the UK, they allow you to have two people to accompany you in the labour room. Over in our country in Malaysia, they only allow the hubby or the mother to be around.

I didn't know what i sign up for.. hahahahhaa.. but it was an experience of a lifetime. Giving birth is sure not easy and watching someone close to you give birth is an equally tiring and stressful moment. They even gave the expecting mommies an exercise ball to sit on to help them dilate in the antenatal room.

We were at the hospital on the 30th December night as the contractions have begun. We did have many false alarms earlier but we decided to head off to the hospital as it was quite far. The hospital was understaffed as it was the New Year and most of them were overworked.

In the labour room, we met a Malaysian midwife. An old experienced lady and her presence made the situation better. I don't remember her name as i was most dazed and afraid. To see my sister in so much pain really shocked me. It would have been nice if mom was around. She would know what to do.

This lady must be sent by mom. Someone from our homeland and it did calm all of us. She was really kind to sis and to all of us. She even got hot drinks for both brother in law and me. I guess we must have looked a mess.

When Jai decided its time to come out, we were quite relieved. We just have tears in our eyes. He is a very precious one. Sis and hubby have to wait a long time before he came into their world. I guess mom helped made it happen too. Maybe she had a chat with God and ask him to send a baby to them. Knowing mom, she could.

Ahhh.. precious child. Can't wait till i see you again. An experience of a lifetime you are.

Grandpa already got you 2 toys.. and a cap from IKEA that day. So come home soon. He can't wait any more longer. He got his songs all lined up in his head to sing to you. You would be good for him.

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Incik RestNrilekS said...

wah, terasa macam kat labour room pulak bila baca.

I have seen a pic of a women giving birth in the net. And my jaw just went... urkkkkk!! Macam tuu ke.

It makes you wonder the Miracles Of God.

Wah nanti autie Anny tak sabar nak tunggu Jai pulang.

Jai tak boleh nakal2 sebab nanti Anny pukul manje dengan rotan. Aha : )

Spiffy said...

I'm can sense the anxiousness in your post waiting for Jai to come back :D

Spiffy said...

February is just a few weeks away and time moves so fast that before you know it he'll be there :D

Anny said...

hahahahaha.. mana ada... i have skipped many details of the labour room :)

urkkkkkkkk? hehhehehee.. asalkan jangan pengsan dah ok

A baby coming into the word is a miracle indeed.

Masih bersabar.. hehhehee.. banyak bersabar actually. Jai is a boy. Boys have to be nakal la.. else macam mana nak kasi tererkan dunia si dia.. :)

Anny said...

anxiously waiting.. hehehhee.. ahhh.. just 2+ more weeks.. that reminds me.. i have to start washing the curtains..

Anny said...

Its early Feb.. the lil guy will be home :) not very long.. :D bet sis is as excited as ever. Its kinda good to get out from dreadful winter for a while.