Chinese New Year is celebrated BIG in our household. At least we used to. We love Chinese New Year as we get new clothes, new shoes, new underwears *LOL*, new pajamas too. Well... at least that was how i remembered Chinese New Year when i was a kid. And we get loads of angpows too. I could almost get rich overnight when i was a kid. I come from a very big extended family.

We haven't really celebrated Chinese New Year like we used to these past few years. We just keep wanting to run off somewhere when Chinese New Year looms. As you get older, you tend to fear the festivities. Lots of questions from the clan. And the usual question would be.. When are you going to get married? Gosh! The aunties asked me this year after year. Don't they ever get bored. Each year i get more embarassed and trying very hard to find a hole to hide *LOL*

Other than trying to evade all these very inquisitive people, i don't quite like Chinese New Year anymore since mom passed away. When she was still around, every Chinese New Year, i love to shop like crazy the week before i go home. I am usually running here and there in Sunway Piramid with bags and bags of clothes. I love to find her some very chinese looking blouses each year. And something for dad... and lots of clothes for the kids. I haven't really shop for Chinese New Year these past two years.

Honestly speaking, i haven't done any Chinese New Year shopping at all this year. *LOL* I haven't got a new shirt for dad too. Since we are much much older now... i usually do with just one new thing for the Chinese New Year.

This year... we will have a lot of people to celebrate with us. Jai will be home... my sister and brother in law will be home. Its been a long time since my sister celebrated Chinese New Year with us. Most probably my brother in law and Jai will have a culture shock at how loud we can make Chinese New Year *LOL* And urmm.. the gambling too :)

My extended family is into gambling during Chinese New Year.. we were trained as kids. We have kiddies corner and adult corners for gambling. Its quite a sight to see the whole household gambling from the very young to the very old. Hope Jai don't start gambling too *LOL* Maybe we should start him on the Blackjack :D

I actually love Chinese New Year (yes.. i am a confusing creature). Its the only time i get to see who is related to me.. hahahahaha.. and i get to meet up with my old friends too. I haven't seen some close friends for a few years now since i keep running away for Chinese New Year.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur these past few years. We haven't quite decide where we are going to celebrate this Chinese New Year. My father says that we should all vote. I wonder if Dommy and Piper gets to vote too :) My father will also be celebrating his BIG birthday too the day before Chinese New Year.

Festivities away from home is not quite the same. Our home here probably deserves a big bang of the ole festivities. What do you think?

Oh.. our Christmas tree is still up *LOL* We thought we want to put it up till Jai comes home. But i guess we better start putting some Chinese New Year deco up tomorrow :) We are going on a roadtrip next week. Jai is coming home. Hoooooorayyyyyyy!

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Anonymous said...

One more week...Can't wait to meet my Grandpa, my Godmother, my aunties, uncles and cousins...CU all real soon...J xxx

Gargles said...

ya, that question so boring.. i usually ask people "when are you going to have a baby?"... more challenging mah, hoh?

Anny said...

We are all smiles here now just waiting for the day you are here with us :)

Anny said...

urmm.. not quite a boring qn.. just a embarassing one *LOL* if you are asking me "when will i have a baby" i'll tell you tomorrow :D

Fisher and Staff said...

I hope the celebration is better than ever before and you have a lot of fun with so many people and activities going on.

Spiffy said...

Urmmm ... when are you gonna get married? LOL!

The only thing I look forward for CNY is those red packets ... hehehe ...

OHMYGOD! Your Xmas tree still up ah?

Anny said...

Thank you Fisher :) We will surely have a better new year with more people around this time :) Hopefully i won't get too lazy to document more pictures this time.

Anny said...

Urmm.. in 2 years time i will get married.. urmm.. mebbe next June :) i'll surely make you one of my bridesmaid.. kakakkakaka and you will have to wear pink then!

i thought you are the one giving the red packets.. hahahhaa.. you should be fearing CNY.

urmm.. yea.. urmm.. we wanna keep it for Jai to see.. urmm.. we are just lazy la.. hahahhahaha and we love to have trees in the house.. add some greenery to the home la.

Nessa said...

I'm sure you guys will have a blast with all the clans around, esp when there's a baby too :)

Just make sure equal attention oso given to Piper and Dom.. hehe

Anny, MUST take pictures!!

Anny said...

I think we are going to have a good time Ness :)

Dom and Piper is always a part of the family.. you can't ignore them cos they are like shadows.. following us everywhere.. hahahhaa.. we love them to bits.

of course :) loads of pictures... and vids too!