Yes... it was a daze :) And yes.. we went into hiding since the crooks were out to get us. And yes... we hid very well. And yes... we uncrooked the crooks and now there's no more crooks here. Now i am not making much sense here.

Let me try again. Its been a looooooooooooooooooooOOOOng week since our last post. We didn't go on any roadtrip this time. We just took some time off from them computers and mobiles but we watched a whole lot of tv (which is a bad habit to break too). *LOL* Okay.. this don't make much sense too.

We went on a short hiatus of sorts. Just the furries and me. Dad took off on a short vacation with his friends. We took the liberty to trash the house (shhhh! don't tell my dad) and we left them dishes piling high up in the sink. Both furries and i were just lying on the floor playing dead. We went for some walks and both of them are starting to walk in sync. We ate a lot of cookies and left a lot of crumbs on the floor.

Dom went for grooming (finally) and Piper tagged along to keep him company. Silly Dom was shivering so much when we reach the groomers shop. I had to carry him in and calmed him down on the sofa. He only goes for grooming once in 2 months or so. Usually a crew cut. They will tidy up his nails and ears too. He has his bath weekly at home and that is why he's still not used to strangers handling him.



Small guy is always well groomed. For a furry, he's quite a clean fella. He don't like to go on sandy places... and he don't like to walk on wet grass or ground. I've never seen him roll on the sunny grass too. Sometimes i think he believes he's not a dog. But he loves the water if you have a hose and spray water all over the ground. But he doesn't like baths too.



Oh... we have been sketching really fast. Too fast. Our hand control is out completely and we are in trouble. A cow look like a cartoon cat with horns and a cloud looks like a sandstorm. Its October now... and we have not actually sketched on the sketchbook project yet. Oh bummer!

Yesterday we had to wash and clean up the house before my dad arrived back home. Dom and Piper.. my partner in crime were no help at all. The just continue to play dead and snooze away.

Dad is finally home yesterday bringing home a lot mangoes, pineapples, poms, an assortment of nuts and lot of clothes for the kids. He had a very good time and hope to go again end of the year with his siblings. They were all talking about it this evening and planning a trip soon.

Tomorrow is my uncle's birthday and we are going to have a surprise party for the old man. He's gonna be 71. I don't even know what i'll be making yet. Hopefully it doesn't get burnt and hope it will be edible. My aunts are all great cooks. My mom too. Me... i am a temperamental cook.

I guess we better head off to bed now. Here's my mom's favourite song to end this post. She loves the raspy voice of Louis Armstrong. She only loves his version of this song.

What a Wonderful World ~ Louis Armstrong

15 woofs:

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all......except maybe the grooming! You look great.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

BeadedTail said...

We like daze like that! We love your before and after photos! You both look gorjuss!

The Daily Pip said...

I am off to the groomers soon, too! How is your sketchbook coming along? Mom hasn't started hers yet!!

Your pal, Pip

baincardin said...

terus jadi hensem rupa dia ^_^

Oskar said...

Sound like fun & you look great!!

Nubbin wiggles,

Mariuca said...

LOL I oso baru je hantar grooming, dat day before vakasi hahahha, meow!

Mariuca said...

Dom looks so clean but dis Piper looks da same, as usual comel and mata besar, geram betul tau!! :D:D

Unknown said...

Glad you are finally home from summer camp Daisy, Kendra and Bella. We all did have a great time just being lazy :) Well... you right... except for the long hours at the grooming place. Thank god i don't need to go again for at least a month or two.

woofs & licks,

Unknown said...

We love daze like that too.. and today was one of those daze too.. now we are dazed. Hope Sadie had a good Sadieday!

Unknown said...

You are off to the groomers too Pip? We are gonna start on the sketchbook today... and then.. she watch tv after tv and more tv.. can u believe that.

Unknown said...

betul ke Bain.. hahhahahaa.. Dom will be very happy with your compliment :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Oskar :) we did have fun on those daze :D

Unknown said...

All of your furries went grooming too Marzie.. sometimes they feel so much happier lepas grooming.. somewhat lighter i think :)

Unknown said...

Dom looks much much cleaner than normal.. but now.. almost serabut again.. hahhahahaa.. Piper is Piper. He is well groomed on most days.. *LOL*

Blackeyed Chuchie said...

No matter how clean Dom looks, I still favored Piper. Sorry Dom but I like the black markings of Piper. Without it the two of you would somehow look the same. Anyway congratulation for being clean pooches.