1. Do you hold him/her more?
  2. Do you see his/her face first thing in the morning before you see anything else?
  3. Do you have secret giggles with him/her when your other half is not looking.. and sometimes when he/she is looking?
  4. Do you spend more time with him/her than your other half?
  5. Do you rather play with him/her than anything else?
  6. Do you ignore housework or work just to spend time with him/her?
  7. In a roomful of people, do you rather be alone with him/her than try and make decent conversations with other people in the room?
If you do... then you ARE having a secret affair :)

For some people, their mobiles/phones (him/her) is an extention of them. They keep it beside them at all times even when they are bathing or in the toilet having a poo and especially when they are sleeping. The phone/mobile sleeps with them or on their pillow or under their pillow.

With some nasty emails going around about how you can get cancer from having your mobiles too close to your head when you are sleeping (don't know if this is true yet), but many still keep them close as alarm clocks or just in case they get a beep or a call.

With the onset of super things which you can do on a phone, the mobile has suddenly got a bigger piece of you and gained first priority when it comes to you. In a life and death situation, some people might rather save their mobiles than perhaps their more important stuffs.

With twitter, social-networking, facebook, youtubes and emails, every beep from the phone seems to bring such joy to a person who's too attached to the phone.

My berry and i are quite close. I cannot deny that i sleep with Berry too (you see.. it even has a name).. but Berry sleeps on the floor.. and not under my pillow. I have weaned off Berry for quite a lot of things. I don't answer some calls sometimes when i am busy. If the call is urgent, the person will always leave a message. When i am working, Berry only vibrates and don't make some loud "DING" each and every time i have an update or an email. Sometimes i leave Berry at home when i go out for a ride. I rather take Curly.

Have we become a society that is too dependent on our electronics? Do we crave the attention from electronics rather than from family and friends? Do we rather check out other people's facebook status or photos than spend more time with our dogs or take them for a walk? Are we too deep in the affair with our mobiles that it has taken over our life. Are we inseparable and cannot live a day without it?

Did you ever try leaving your mobile behind while you go to the loo with a book instead? hehehehe

Mobile phones are important as a thing of communication but not when it overtakes your life. You forget to smell the roses and look at the beautiful sky before you. You are too busy looking at the small blinking screen in your palm. You forgot to look at your other half and didn't see that he/she is sad. You keep looking at your screen, you forgot to look at your old folks and didn't notice that they have aged so much. You are too busy looking at your mobile, you missed the cute guy/girl who just passed you by.

Try and take the weekend off your mobile and just spend time with real people and real lives :) It could prove more exciting and fun.

Small guy is back for a holiday. He's been around for a week now. Taking Piper and Dom for a walk together seems fruitless as both want different routes.

One loves to christened tyres of all the vehicles along the route while the other wants to christened all the lamp posts and check for any secret mails left in the bushes. One loves to walk on the road while the other loves to walk on the grassy side of the roads. My arms have gotten longer while trying to navigate both to walk together.

They have gone out of sync since they have not been walking together for a while. Maybe we'll try a walk together again tomorrow. Else Piper will stay at home and bark the house down while Dom hurries with his walk to come back to Piper taking his time with his walks while Dom barks the house down worrying about his pack mate. *LOL*

Sometimes i just let them run wild in the garden and give up on walks. But walks are important to them as both has gone.. quite rotund. Its always not my fault as the rainy days don't allow walks in the evenings and i am seriously not a morning person. Maybe i should learn to be less selfish and get up early for the love of my dogs. But it does rain in the mornings too... :)

Piper: Let's wake her up real early tomorrow morning

Dom: You got to be kidding. An earthquake will not even wake her up.

Piper: But we can go for walks if she gets up.

Dom: Even if she gets up, she'll be too lazy for walks.

Piper: I can try and walk in sync with you. You just follow my lead.

Dom: Follow your lead? What if you poo midway

Piper: But but... i have to poo too sometimes...

Dom: Whatever. Wake me up too if you can get her up.

12 woofs:

Sam said...

Well, I'm not that attached to mine - I leave it out in the kitchen so I can't be bothered by it...


3 doxies said...

OMG...my mum is having an affair AND her has cancer????
Ummm, okays...mum is guilty of all dis stuffs. Her reads comments and emails in da car while her in school line and her laughs so hard in da car dat eveybuddy be stareing at hers...what a moron.
Hehehehe...I'm just imagining dis episode of ya'll walk and somebuddy has to poop...hehehe...then somebuddy steps in it.


Marg said...

I have to agree with you, that too much time is spent on texting and all that other stuff.I don't have a berry, thank heavens. Blogging is my big habit. I do enjoy spending time with my animals.
Have a great day.

Maggie Mae said...

My mom is guilty as charged, but she is workin' on breakin' da habit, at least dat is what she tells me.... :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

BeadedTail said...

Our mommy is having an affair with her laptop instead of her phone but the warning signs are almost the same!

We think your mom should get up early to take you on walks! Sometimes mom's have their priorities messed up and think sleep is more important. We can sleep all day so it's okay to get us up early!

Doxie Rod said...

this is very true!! i must admit sometimes i am guilty of this myself. very good and interesting post!


Anonymous said...

OMG! im very very guilty of this! i wonder why i go out with me buddies to places when all we do is play around with our BBs..the slience is sometimes deafeaning!

It got so bad that i had to BB msg them to look up from what they are typing as the food has arrived! it never occurred to me to just yell at them.


Spiffy said...

Ooooooo, I simply cannot do without my HTC Desire. It goes everywhere I go though i don't sleep with it under my pillow la ... too expensive la that phone, nanti I smash it pulak ... LOL!

And I got the perfect solution for you about Piper and Dom, Kasi Posraju one of them to me, I don't care which one, you just just choose la, both also can ... LOL!

Nessa said...

Hallo Anny!

whoaaa... i feel like i just emerged from a cave! hate, hate Digi Broadband... freaking slow n i keep getting disconnected. sori ya, awal2 dah membebel kat orang punya blog.:$

I'm glad to say i'm not having an affair... not addicted oso but early morning MUST check my email though.

Hound Girl said...

We are new followers of your blog :) We sent you a twitter request too :)
Yall are cuties and we cant wait to read more about yall!

Fred and Haylie

GRAÇA said...

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Queres ser meu amigo?
Vem ao meu blogo conhecer-me
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Life With Dogs said...

I'm a phone hater, so I hear you now! :)