1. some garlic
  2. a few shallots
  3. a knob of ginger
  4. shaking salt n pepper
  5. garlic powder
  6. oregano flakes
  7. orange zesty zest
  8. the juice of an orange
  9. soya sauce sprinklies
  10. chicken wings about 18
  11. olive oil drizzle
I wonder how it will taste like :D Picture of the cooked fella later.

Ahh.. we are back with the picture.. after two days of cake and party :)

The above was a recipe for orange chicken or chicken orange which don't quite look orange. This is baked chicken in foil. I don't know how it taste like. No one complained about the taste so i guess it was okay... *LOL*

I don't usually taste the stuffs that i cook for family parties. I love to taste other people's dishes instead :) Especially since all my aunts are great cooks. Why in the world would i want to eat my own cooking. *LOL* If i get a heaven forbid... don't ever let her cook chicken again... then i know that its real bad. Well... out of 10 cookouts... sometimes i get lucky.

I think it was not too bad... :) It could have been worse or burnt. Hope you enjoyed the picture.

12 woofs:

Maggie Mae said...

Da recipe sounds most yummy! Can't waits to find out how it tastes!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

3 doxies said...

Oh my...what in da world is dat gonna be? I will go haves me a cheeto and a beer while I waits furs ya'll to cook...hehehe! I not far so make it snappy.


Ann said...

reading down the list of ingredients, I'm betting that smells wonderful and tastes even better.

Spiffy said...

I suppose it would smell good if it wasn't for my blocked dose ... sniff, sniff!

Quickly post the picture la!

the booker man said...

ummm, the booker man is thinkin' that those chicken wing-a-lings are gonna taste super delish! i hope there are gonna be pics of the finished product. teehee.

the booker man

pee s -- hey dom! in your honor, i totally put a hiney in my mama's face last night! bwuahahaha.

Doxie Rod said...

what a yummy sounding recipe! so nice of you to help with dinner, piper.

Anny said...

I am hoping that it taste okay Maggie.. hahhahahahhaa... :)

Anny said...

It was gonna be chicken wings in some sauces Puds.. hehhehehehe.. gimme gimme some cheetos and a beer too! i could use one right about now :D

Anny said...

Hopefully it did taste ok Ann.. hahahahhaa.. i didn't eat it :p

Anny said...

It did smell good Spiffy.. dad said it was nice.. so i guess it was nice.

Get a big onion and dig a hole in it.. put some sugar in it.. let the sugar melt overnight... and eat the sugary water. It helps with flu. Get well soon ya!

Anny said...

It isss those chicken wing-a-lings things. There was a picture of it while i took it out to baste it.. hahhahahahaha

You did put a hiney in your mama's face last night *BOL* Didya didya get kicked off the bed already? hahahahhahahaha

Anny said...

Hey Doxie Rod :) It is hopefully a nice dish... both Dom and Piper did not get to taste it too :)