We have a lot of complaining to do here today. Here's me sulking.

I can sulk too you know... i know a good sulk if i wanted to sulk.

Oh boy.. i am fainting already. When is dinner served?

Hey Anny.. when are you gonna be done with your work? I am famished.

Tv tv tv.. is this all you are good for. This woman watches too much tv. 
From CSI to Bones to CSI to some race... tv tv tv... 
Wait till grandpa comes home. I am going to report to grandpa.

Follow my lead little one... 
Just don't poo when you are walking dood.. 
the view doesn't get any better around here... bummer!

Hey... check that out.. peemail.. I got peemail... that's urmm from.. urmmm...
That's my mail silly. I just left it a while ago.

YAY! Camwhoring moment. Can you share some of you dinner with me. 
I'll give you my best smiles. For godsakes, can you use a better camera. We are all blurry lately.

We have gone for many walks and lately they have walked back in sync again. Beautifully i must say so myself. One waits for the other to poo and one waits for the other to catch his breath. Dom is of course more tolerant of the little one and stops and waits and even watch out for any danger. He is the leader of the pack. He secures the house every night and sleeps with one ear open and one eye half closed. He really does take good care of us.

He usually does a couple of jumping jacks before we go out for walks... excited jumping jacks. For an old fella, he sure can jump sky high. Today while doing his jumping jacks, i hear a tiny whimper from him to see him sit down with a painful look on his face.

I guess he landed wrongly and might have twisted his thin legs. We checked all his legs and his tummy as well... (anytime is a good time for tummy rubs) and he's back to doing his silly jumping jacks. This time not so high. He didn't limp so i guess his legs are okay. But seeing the pain in his face, i am quickly reminded again to watch his food and not to get him too fat. Our groomers keep reminding me of his thin legs and to watch his weight.

Its getting a wee bit late here now. We got to catch up on some doodling for the sketchbook :)

Note to Pip's Mommy: We just did 2 pages. The paper is not too bad actually :)

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Ann said...

Aw poor Dom, be careful with those jumping jacks. My mom doesn't watch much tv but she's always on the computer. That's just as bad.

houndstooth said...

You have to watch overdoing those calisthenics, Dom!


scotsmad said...

SHE is always at the computer, has her nose in a book, or occasionally watching tv. SHE NEEDS the exercise as much as we do! Yeesh...if she doesn't want us overweight, SHE needs to get out of that chair and walk us......

Great sulking pictures!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Mr. Pip said...

Good for you!!! I haven't started putting anything in the sketchbook yet - just taking the pictures!

Pip & Kristin

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaaa you two, if she is too busy with watching TV, just call a taxi and come over here la, Pebbles is always waiting for company. Don't even bother to ask her to Posraju you cos you know how lazy she is ... hahaha!

BeadedTail said...

What's with our mom's spending too much time doing something other than spending time with us? That must change!

Dom, we hope your leg is okay so you can do those jumping jacks without getting hurt!

leewo said...

They are so lovely!
They don't like staying at home!
another fun post!

Duni said...

Haha! Dommy and Piper look so cute I could cuddle them all day long :)

Dom - easy on the aerobics...hope your leg feels better soon!

Out on the prairie said...

I laugh when my dog watches TV with me. Animal noises always catch her. Dom needs to do some stretching before the big stuff.

the booker man said...

awww, man! it totally stinks when the hoomans get stingy with the foodables AND are too busy for walkies!! since when is watchin' teevee more important like than the doggies?! hmmmph.
pretty please be careful with your jumpin' jacks, dommy!

the booker man

Doxie Rod said...

it looks like your sulking worked!! i'm glad you got that attention you deserved, my mom loves to watch the tv too. i'm more entertaining though.