A conversation between "the Queen" and i this afternoon on yahoo about the color YELLOW.

Queen: A state rep was nabbed for wearing yellow
me: Does holding a banana count?
Queen: They might think its a yellow gun
Queen: Don't
me: Does that mean that banana sellers are not allowed to sell bananas now?
Queen: If u carry the whole bunch... tats mass weapon of destruction!
Queen: Dangerous... don't hang ur yellow panty outside
me: IF i do have a yellow panty...
me: i'll be wearing it on the outside
Queen: They will even stop you if your car is yellow
me: oh..
me: my sister drives a yellow car...

Does that mean that a certain mobile company in my country with the yellow man as a mascot will have to change the yellow man to another colour? Or are eating eggs in public at the stalls banned too? Yolks are yellow. Scrap them yolks and eat the whites?

Some people are just too obsessed with them yellows. Especially the "ones up there".

Our general election is coming soon. All we want is a fair election. May the best man win and may the loser be a gentleman and step aside.

I think i shouldn't be using Yahoo too. Yahoo has yellow emoticons. I might get hauled up for using yahoo perhaps?

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Spi said...

Aiyaaaa ... now I have to switch phone companies already and throw away my bunch of bananas I bought yesterday and urrmmm, I think the King also cannot use the warna DiRaja anymore, right?

I hope everyone votes those bunch of idiots out la! If not, we're going to be a colorless nation soon!

Urmmm, that means Bumblebee also cannot transform here la ... hahaha!

georgia little pea said...

oh. i dont think i really understand this convo ...???!

Remington said...


Sandee said...

A fair election is all anyone can ask for. I hope the citizens of your country have a fair election.

Have a terrific day. :)

houndstooth said...

I have no idea what you're barking about, but yellow isn't a favorite color of mine anyway!


Ann said...

I think I'm confused but that's ok I'm often confused :)

the booker man said...

does this mean that your fuzzy booker man friend would be unwelcome over there...cuz i am very blondie yellow!! :*(

*cryin' inside*
the booker man

Lorenza said...

Sure is not funny to be able to enjoy yellow things! Hmm...
I hope everything goes well with the Elections there!
Kisses and hugs

Spiffy said...

Alamak, I just realized that I left a comment in your blog as 'Spi' ... hahaha ... what a doofus I can be!