My dad sent me this email just now. Yes yes.. my dad sends me interesting things to read too even though he is just sitting in the next room playing with Spider Solitaire and singing away with YouTube. He gets loads of emails from his buddies from school.. college.. everywhere. He does have more friends than i do. *LOL* He even gets more invites to go out to eat than i do.

Anyways.. he was flapping his hands and laughing away on the computer while i was watching tv just now. I was wondering what he was up to. Then he came to the hall and showed me. *LOL*

Yea yea.. my dad can be a funny man too. When he gets bored, he will sometimes call up his only grand daughter and play pranks on her. And dear Rachel is always a blurr.

Well.. have fun. My dad did :) Goodnite folks!

3 woofs:

baincardin said...


waaahhh....sampai terpele'ot kaki bain dibuatnya dgn eksperimen ini!!! wakakaka!!!~ ^_^

Anny said...

Bain betul buat ka? hahhahahhahaa.. bagus bagus.. eksperimen ni memang bagus untuk Friday :D

Anonymous said...

I did it!! i just dis engaged my right food with me foot never follows what my brain tells it anyway.

Ohhh 6! i tot 9! aiyaaaa busted again!