This cartoon by Sidney Harris ** cracks me up.

I think these kind of things do run in the mind of doggies all the time. (IF only i could read Dom and Piper's mind.. i would have much to learn from them)

When dogs meet up at a park or while you are walking them, they always sniff each others rear out. It is the standard procedure.

Most of the time, we'll probably pull our dog away feeling embarrassed if it is a stranger's dog. Or telling our dog no no noooo.. don't do that.

Do you know why they sniff each other's rear out?

The dog's nose is his strongest weapon. They used it to check out the pancake you are making, check out the mailman, check out where you went by sniffing/checking you out when you come back, check the garden. Their nose is a most wonderful thing. And most of all, dogs sniff the rear of another dog, to better understand the other dog.

A sniff of the rear tells a doggie all sorta of things, including what the other dog likes to eat, its general health, and if a female doggie is pregnant. They sniff each other too to check if the other doggie is friendly and safe to play with or they will retreat.

Dommy just likes to take one deep sniff of you when you come back. One sniff and he knows it all. Piper on the other hand, is like a custom officer. Each time you come home, he'll check you for the longest time. If he smells another doggie on you, he might sniff us longer.

Its like what humans do when we meet each other. We shake our hands, doggies sniff each other's rear :D

~ anny

** Do check out Sidney Harris works! His cartoons are wonderful :) The books would make a great christmas gift for your loved ones.

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Cat in the Foxgloves said...

Our cats do that too!

Unknown said...

haha! Thanks for the comment :)