Today has been an extremely rainy day. It just stopped for maybe an hour... and then the rain started again. The grass did not even get a chance to get dry before the rain came down to wash them again... or literally to give the grass a drink over n over again. Grasses in the garden is probably pissed drunk today.

The rain is good most of the time, cos it keeps this house cool. Else it would be like an oven in the afternoon heat. But i still like to lie on the grass even when its very hot. Yes sir reee... a good roll in the grass does wonders to a dog's soul. But lately... i am not allowed too many rolls in the garden as i've developed the itch which got me bald and cold and wearing that pirate blue tee. Now i am over that and i am a beeyooooootiful dog again. :D

Anny's been real busy today. One of her soldier's is down and out. Probably will be down for a while. She'll have more late nights... and more panda eyes after this.

When Anny's busy, i don't get to go for my walks (and they left my leash in PP's house). Sometimes i go to grandpa to cheer him up but he's most of the time quite happy just singing away on the computer with youtube oldies blaring away... while playing Spider Solitaire. But sometimes when grandpa is having his snacks, he is very generous as he always shares his snacks with me :D That's of course is a + point in a doggie's life.

Once in a while i go sneak in to check on GG but he's always studying. Sometimes he does not even know i exist. Most of the time i am standing outside his door, his eyes are on his books and occationally looking at his handphone. He does not see me wagging my tail at him. And when he does notice me, sometimes he gives me a very sad look and seem to say... i am busy, i can't play with you. But occationally he does gives me a tap on my head... and i know he loves me but he loves his books more.

And today... the garden is wet... i didn't get to go out to pee so often. Thank god the rain let out a bit at 11pm and Anny and i went to the garden. I took a leak.. and it was a mighty big leak... and *phew* my bladder's not so tight anymore. *phew*

Anny told me just now that PP's coming home this week... and staying with us for a week.. or mebbe two.. or three. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... PP's coming back Something to look forward to. Back to the good ole days of sharing food *ahem* and running up and down the house and barking at all the other dogs. I am glad my brother is coming home :D

Seems that PP's mommy is going for a trip.

And guess what... when i came back to our room, i found a treat on my bed. Anny says i've been a very good boy today for holding my pee :D

They do love me after all. I was just ranting just now.

Eu te amo.

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bonoriau said...

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Anonymous said...

My oh MY Domy...u do look much nicer now...but still sleeping as always...err...where is your pirate t shirt..mebbe we can auction off at

Unknown said...

can can.. i lelong it.. u buy it ok?