Today started off pretty good :D (see.. i am still grinning)

I made it as 1st commentator in Emila's web and the good woman that she is.. she posted my sleepy face pic on her site. I am still new to this 1st commentator thingy. I just got lucky i guess.. cos i do drop into her site occationally.. cos her website does inspire me when i do my work. Its the colors and the freshness that some how makes you come back to it.

I love her cartoons and her dollies. She is god gifted to draw.

Still am new to this blogging and commenting thingy.. and i have far to go.

Thank god its Friday! oops... kinda like saturday now :)

i'll call it a night here.

goodnite folks :)

2 woofs:

Emila Yusof said...

wow! thank for featuring me in here, anny!

Anny said...

ur most welcome :) woof!