Remember the buddy system?
Two is always better than one.
Two have more fun than one.
Two share more laughter than one.
You need 2 hands to clap.
Two oranges in your hands makes you feel more orangey than one orange.
A joke can only be shared with another.
Car rides are more fun if you can push Piper right up to the corner so you can lay down horizontal and bask in the sun.
Two bowls of food is much fuller than one. yum yum.. opps!
Two doggies in the house is better than one.. it gets lonely when the humans go out.
Two doggies going out for walks is better than one, he can watch my back while i do my business.. so we don't get attacked from behind.
Two doggies sharing a doggie bed is much warmer on a cold cold night.
Piper.. when are you coming home to run in the garden again... i miss you PP :(

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