Hi Daddy... Mommy.. didya miss me?
I did... i miss both of you a lot. When are you coming back to take me home. I thought you both just went out for a while... but it has been hourssssssssssssss...
I didn't eat much just now. Now my tummy is growling.
Didya miss me?
I know mommy got to go on a trip next week. So come and take me home when you both come back ok. I'll be waiting for you... by the door.
I miss you daddy... and the walks with you.
Today i slept the whole afternoon, and ate a bit.. then i tried to sleep too. But there are fireworks here since tomorrow is Diwali. I am afraid of fireworks.
Now i am sleeping in Anny's room. I just sleep near her working table just in case some fireworks are on again.
Don't worry about me daddy. I'll be a good boy and will do my "business" in the garden.
Come pick me up soon. I miss my yellow pikachu friend too. Take care of mommy. I am coming home soon! Meantime i'll spend some quality time with grandpa and the Sang Kancil. Dom is not so much of a Sang Kancil now. His fur has grown after his crewcut. But i think he needs a bath. He is smelling like a sausage. wooooooooooooooof!
Goodnite Daddy! I love you daddy. Woooooooooooooooof!

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