Creative - Leon Jackson

This is quite a nice catchy number by Leon Jackson... quite unknown to me until my nephew told me about him last year :) He first heard him on the X-Factor in December 2007. When Leon sang I Believe.

And so i went to the record stores... going through rows and rows of cds looking for Leon Jackson at HMV. I don't know why i still keep doing it... should probably just ask for it from the sales staff. hehehe.. You never know.. cos sometimes when you go through rows and rows of albums.. you find something else you like ;)

I am a big fan of pretty boy singers. Used to love Tommy Page. hahahahhaaha.. that was like eons ago. This Leon's not too bad too.

This kid tells me that his ambition is to become a singer and keep long hair (alamak!). Cos singing makes him happy. I don't remember a day that i do not see him without some kind of music in his life. And a pretty boy singer he will be too. I just told him, go for it. But finish your studies first. hahaha Feeding a kid's ambition is good. Everyone should have dreams.

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