This is Elmer. Elmer the Patchwork Elephant... from a children's picture book by British author David McKee.

Elmer is a cheeky character with a cheerful and optimistic personality.

You can get books on Elmer from here.

And why am i interested in this colourful patchwork elephant?

My friend Stel sent me this picture of Elmer to give me her thoughts and help me with some design issues. Stel is a wonderful creative woman. I had great fun working with her for a short span of time.

Here i am sharing Elmer with all of you. Hope you find him inspirational.

My inspiration from Elmer... this is part of a cover i did for work :) From everyday things, we can get a lot of inspirations to fuel our thoughts. Even from colourful Elephant :) Thanks a lot Stel... for being a great critic and my constant reminder to work harder.

2 woofs:

yoon see said...

You are so creative Anny.
Love this exotic colour checkers and you have a thoughtful friend:)

Anny said...

hehehe.. i am not the creative one.. it is Elmer who helped..sent by Stel :)