Someday You'll Want Me To Want You by Ricky Nelson

This version is sung by Ricky Nelson. It is a very popular song way back then. Written by Jimmie Hodges and published in 1944, this song is recorded by many pop and country singers.

My papa likes this version best because of the catchy strummings on the guitar. He always wishes he could play the guitar but never got around to doing it YET! Maybe soon, we will bug him to go for guitar lessons :) Never too old to learn rite?

Hope you all enjoy this song like i did... we heard it over dinner... a couple of times on youtube. Its been like a standard operating situation.. hehehhehee.. we have a new youtube song ON during dinner. Papa will introduce us to the songs he found on that day.

And Ricky Nelson sure is a hottie. I would probably swooooooon over him with saliva drooling... if he sings to me way back then.. hahhahahahaha

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