When they are little but very loud :)
I am finally back home to Dommy, PP and rest of my family in Malaysia. With a heavy heart, i have to leave Bebe J's home to come back and continue my crazy life.
Spending Christmas and New Year waiting for the lil one to come was a great experience. All three of us were very traumatised by the whole experience (hahaha.. who would not be) and somehow for me... it has open my eyes again and made me see things a bit different.
Giving birth is actually very painful and the aftermath probably left us all in a daze for days. I am not a mother yet but going thru this with my sis and brother in law was something which i would not have missed any other way. Probably i would know what to expect if i ever become a mother and decide to have my own children but you can never prepare for childbirth. There were so many things that we didn't expect. We only expected to go the hospital and Bebe J would just come plopping out and we'll take him home the next day. But no.. hehehe.. it was more than that.
But seeing the lil one smile for you countless of times (and it is not muscle twitch) made it all worthwhile. And smelling the pink lil man was indeed something one should not missed :) Pink babies smell nice even after they have done their poo and pee. hahaha.. they do they do. They always give u a contented smile after you give them a good wipe and clean they up nice. All babies need are just..
1. Feed them on time
2. Change their diaper when they are wet
3. Feed them on time
4. Hold them close in your arms and rock them gently
5. Feed them on time
Cos when you do not get their feeds on time, they are little but definitely very LOUD :)
I did not get much time with Bebe J but... i have a whole lifetime ahead with him. I left with a heavy heart but i'll be seeing him again real soon. Hopefully he remembers me then.
Have never been greeted with such an enthusiastic welcome home? Get a dog. They welcome you home with such enthusiasm that you wonder why you ever have the heart to leave them for so long in the first place ;) I am the lucky one.

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