Life has been great lately. Anny's back... and its about time too. Going away for so long... she thinks she can just take off like that without telling me a peep. But its ok.. since she's back, bringing with her lotsa treats from the land afar, i shall forgive her. Hey man! I am a dog... i am always forgiving as long as i am loved.. WOoof!

Since she has been back, she's always a snoozing away... kinda in a daze. I wonder what happen to her. Maybe too much of a good time.. and maybe she's frozen too long in the land afar. Probably i'll ask her to take me to the garden more so that i can help her to defrost and bring some sunshine back into her skin.

I am marking her each day and each time she takes a walk. Just in case she goes missing again. I follow her everywhere. Even when she gets up to drink, i follow her out just in case she scoot off again in the middle of the night.

Today i went to sit in the garden. And wallaaaaaaa... Mr Kitty left me some chicken bones.. hidden behind the purple flowers trees. Very kind of Mr Kitty. He's leaving me a reward cos i am sharing my garden with him. I don't chase him up the tree nowadays. Its a big garden... we can share. I took my chicken bones treat... and sneaked into the house to eat. But Anny spotted me... and immediately threw it away. She says its dirty and probably with bacteria. Alamak! I am a dog.. i need bones to munch. Then she came back with some plasticky bone thing for me to chew. This is not real bones man. Adoi! But nevermind.. she gave me some deelicious chicken strips later... from Tesco. The salami was real nice... but i finished all that 2 days ago.

And finally.. she found my collar again with the golden bell under the chair. Someone took it off me during Christmas cos i was making such a racket jingling the bells away. She put it back on for me and suddenly.. i feel very loved i could just lick her nose. I am once again a handsome doggie. Tomorrow i need a bath and a good comb down.

I wonder how's PP. Haven't heard a peep from him since he came back for a short break last Christmas. But.. walla... i am going to PP's house again for Chinese New Year. Yehoooooooooooo Yehooooooooooooooooo..

Here's a picture of my beloved bro PP king sitting on his throne. He usually takes his afternoon nap on the sofa when no one is around. *shush* Smart little guy. Being such a tiny guy, he sure can jump very high.

See you soon my brother. Watch out.. here i come!

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