One of my christmas present from Bebe J's daddy and mommy was this beeeeeeyootiful hardcover book called Huggable Hounds - A Dog Lover's Treasury.

Sis saw me holding this book and smiling to myself while flipping through the pictures and quietly bought it for me. Thank you sis. I lurveee this book a lot. This book was also one of the reasons my bag was overweight too.. hahhahahahaa.. i had a few hard-cover books in my luggage and man was i really overly overweight. The scene i created at the airport was of course priceless :) People like me never learn. I always like to buy books when travelling.

Anyways... i would love to share the quotes from this book with all of you. Hopefully when i am "freeeee" i would scan the pics to share with you. But "free" is a very hard thing in my schedule of crazy life. but i will try... i promise to at least try to sneak the time in.

First quote of the day... (most of you would probably heard of this before.. hehe)

"It is fatal to let any dog know that he is funny, for he immediately loses his head and starts hamming it up" ~ P.G.Wodehouse

Page 87: (picture of a brown and white bulldog coming out from a blue suitcase).. since today i am not free.. and its wayyyyyy over my bedtime.. no pic for you guys :p

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