Yasmin as in Yasmin Ahmad.

Every festive season, she tugs at our hearts with her Petronas advertisements. Sometimes funny adverts but always with a strong message that drives a nail into our hearts. *ouch*. Most of the time, the adverts leaves me in tears.

I love to wait for her festive adverts to come on each season. We always have something new to learn from the adverts. Its not something we do not know but its just gentle reminders for us.

This Chinese New Year advert which i saw this morning left me blinking my eyes couple of times. Everything become blurry after that. My keyboard was soaked. (its still functioning now.. *phew*).

Why do you poke my heart all the time? Why why why...

My mom left us in 2007. I came back to a totally new environment and lived with dad and my nephew and a Dom. Its a totally new environment for me because i have been away from home chasing my dreams for more than 10 years in another state. My lifestyle is different from my dad's and we have different ways of doing things. But we do try and accomodate each other and he does let me have my space.

When i came home.. he never understood why i have to work all the time and why my computer is seeing more of my face that he does. He will nag when i am on the computer late at night. He worries for my health and he worries for my eyes. He says.. how can someone spend so long on a computer.

The Gap. Yes. We are three generations of people living in a house... plus a neutral Dom. How do we get along? All three of us are different but i do love my dad's selection of music.

Sometimes i hear Yasmin at the back of my head reminding me. I watch too many of her adverts to know that i must be patient with old folks. I learn to keep my mouth shut and hold my tongue when i am angry. I think we are doing fine so far. hahahaha.. With our differences, somehow we manage to find a balance. And of course the neutral Dom makes things more better.

I love Yasmin and all her wonderful work. Keep on giving us your best. You are indeed one of the best storytellers around.

Here's the Chinese New Year 2009 Petronas Advert.

One more day. We can never get back our one more day with our loved ones if we do not treasure our loved ones now. I can't have my one more day with my mom. She's gone. Too late for the what ifs. But God is kind. I still have my papa. And that is one of the reasons why we have parents.

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Nessa said...

Yasmin is truly a gem... truly different from the rest. Love her ads... I look forward to see all her 'kerja tangan'.

Have a great weekend... a long one! :)

diYadEaRY said...

anny, thanks for putting the petronas advert here.. 1st time tengok nie..

as always, it really touch the heart.. n yasmin always produce marvelous artwork.. i jus love yasmin like u do dear.. :)

happy CNY ya..

p/s: i received u parcel today dear! thank u so much. will put post it on my blog so soon.. :)

Anny said...

Tks for dropping by Nessa :) great weekend to u too & bday boy!

Anny said...

ha! diya pon di sini :) tks for dropping by n for ur wishes.. hope u like ur parcel ;)

yoon see said...

I do agree with Nessa.

It's good to have more creative people like her.

Happy Chinese new Year to you anny and your family too:)

Anny said...

Yoonsee.. thanks for the greets :) Happy Happy Chinese New Year to you too.. may the year of the ox brings u lotta luck and wealth!

yoon see said...

I would like to dedicate a special song to you Anny:)
I have to go to the cyber cafe to upload the song.
My internet connection at home just too slow.