I Love How You Love Me - Bobby Vinton 

Soppy Love Song Day. Its been a while since i last posted a soppy love song :) I do love to start posts with a song. It sets the mood for the day or hour and lets you get carried away while you hummed to the song :) Gotcha there ya?

We have been busy playing at another playground and building some new playgrounds :p We'll probably open up another playground for you to come over to play soon. Or maybe in a few more weeks when the grass grows better and the rides are painted. Yes yes.. we are quite a crazy bunch here.

My nephew was home last weekend for a short visit from college. Its not the term break yet. But i guess he misses home a lot. He's looking forward to term break in two weeks time to scoot on home again. Grandpa was extremely happy that his favourite grandson is home. He even went to the store to get all his favourite drinks and snacks to line them up in the fridge. Yes.. he is a pampered one. He's 18 already but we do pamper him quite a lot around here. But a kid has to be loved and pampered and spoiled sometimes. And only a grandpa usually loves to do that.

When we picked him up from the station, he grinned and grinned and never stop talking for quite a while. Both grandpa and grandson had so much to tell each other. I kinda felt like the taxi driver eavesdropping into their conversation. I guess both of them misses each other quite a lot.

Two days and many meals later, we have to send him off at the train station bright and early on a Sunday. I have never seen a sadder face than the one looking back at me through the window. Reminds me of the time when i was about 20 and going off to the city to work. The journey back to the other side is dreadful. You cling on to the food that is packed for you from home and savour it all even though its cold. You cling on to whatever that is home and hang in there till the next trip home.

He's has grown up quite a lot in these two months. He rather spend time with his grandpa now than to go out with his cousins and friends when he is home. When he is not home, the house feels so empty. Even Dommy is yawning louder to fill up the air.

We are going on a short roadtrip again this weekend. Hopefully... we'll catch some memories in the memory keeper to share with you. Am looking forward to a break again :) Now we got to head off back to the other playground to get some work done. Goodnite folks. Hope you enjoy our soppy love song.

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Maggie Mae and Max said...

Family is so very important, isn't it? Thank you for a lovely post about your family. Have a great trip!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Hi to Dommy!

leewo said...

wow, lovely story. enjoy it very much.

Marg said...

It does sound like you have a great family and glad they come to visit a lot. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

I remember my mum sending me off to college too..its a whole 12 hour bus ride from my home town. Mum and sis (the only family i had) sent me off to the bus station and since the bus comes all the way from another big town, i always end up with the ticket next to the loo!!

I had a long face too...the 12 hour bus ride since the longest when ur going than coming home..

I miss the hungry years. The once upon a time (lyrics from a song)


Unknown said...

Family is important.. and you have a great one too Maggie :) We'll have a great trip!

Dommy says Hi to you too Maggie Mae.

Unknown said...

tq Lee :p

Unknown said...

I do have a great family.. a big extended one too. Hope you will have a great one too with your staff.

Unknown said...

That reminds me... i have had the seat beside the loo a couple of times too when i used to travel on the long distance bus.. but 12 hrs is a mighty long journey for a teen. Poor you.

But you were pampered and loved too.. very much by your mom.

Anonymous said...

correct my post laaa..

"seems" the longest not since the longest laaaa

Me miss u each and every day. :(