If you leave your blog for too long without an update, you lose some of your readers. But if you lose your mojo to blog, it is good to take a break and come back later with a bang or less of a bang. If your readers love what you write, they will be back. But if you are writing for yourself and just want to rant and rave and sort out your thoughts... it is okay if there are no readers too. *LOL*

Personally i write to collect my own thoughts and sometimes to share some stories with my sisters. And i love it when i can connect with other animal lovers out there too. We can learn a lot of things from other people's experiences especially about our pets.

Last weekend no one came home. It was kind of lonely. Dad was singing.. kind of like howling (singing with the headphones on). I guess he is mighty bored. No one called him too. I told him, if they don't call you, you can always call them. But no. He waits for calls. Old people are like that.

I took the time to clean up the kitchen and rearranged some stuffs. There's loads of things to clear and pack. Haven't got around to doing it as i am lazy. I am just doing small parts each weekend. When i am rearranging things, i end up throwing a lot of things. When i get to the store room, i bet half of the things will be thrown out. *LOL*

We collected so much debris over time. And weekends are great for clearing stuffs. We have vans that come by each weekend to collect stuffs that you don't want. Some are recycled and some electrical goods that still function but you don't use it anymore can be passed on to others who will find use for it. Over time we keep buying new things too without fixing the old. And that is why the storeroom will just burst one day.

The only things i buy nowadays are books, food, books, petrol, books and groceries. I don't see the need to buy clothes or shoes anymore. I have been working from home for the past 3 years plus. When i am expected at the office, it is quite hard for me to find something presentable to wear anymore. Once i landed into my office in my track pants and some crummy tee-shirt. *LOL* My colleagues asked me if i just crawled out of bed. Just to make them happy.. i said i wore this track and tee to sleep too. And they went yeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

There's this place i usually go to hunt for books. Its a second hand bookstore. Last weekend, i came out with 5 books and a silly grin. The bookstore owner is usually quite happy to see me. I can spend a long time there and sometimes i find gems for quite a steal. I've bought some books for 2 bucks or 3 bucks. A good condition book will cost a bit more but still cheaper than my normal jaunts at Borders. Borders cost me a hole in my pockets each time i step in there. I couldn't resist the smell of new books. They just entice me to buy them.

Dommy also went to the vet to have his distemper jab. I was late in taking him for his yearly jabs this year. We got his ears checked too because he is having a bit of an itch lately. After some swabs and checks under the microscope, the vet said NO MITES. Thank god. I was afraid of mites getting into his ears. Doc also asked me to give him Omega 3 tabs as it will be good for his skin. And i asked the vet.. Omega 3 for dogs or human. My vet laughed and told me.. you can buy the omega 3 tabs for human and give him. I am quite clueless sometimes.

He tells me not to give him too much of the canned food because his skin is no good. Usually we mix one tablespoon of canned lamb/chicken to his kibbles. Sometimes we pack his food and freeze it in daily portions after we boiled the chicken breast meat. He loves that most.

Well.. my dad is still bored and whistling some oldies now. He is off to take Dom for a walk while i start getting dinner ready. I'm frying some big prawns with some chili :) I'll show you the picture tonite if it turns out okay :D

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Anonymous said...

Big Prawns with chilli? yummyyyyyy...dont forget the secret ingredienttttt!!

Love! cook with love and total abandon!


Anny said...

what's the secret ingredient ah? *LOL*

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Olla Anny,

Ehhh secret chatting with Anon - Sounds like a secret society on the move. Hehe.

I love to read a blog, love to have a blog, but lazy to update a blog. I am skimming my online life too as well, heheee, pausing.. trying to figure out everything. aha.

No problem if there is no one reading my blog, or your blog (ehh jangan risau, Incik RestNrilekS selalu intai2 sini tapi tak komen.. ahaks). I think lately most new bloggers are being caught up with the idea blogging is the center of universe. Ahaks..

Right now, i am trying to blog the restnrileksing way.. rest n rileks, thus dont care all the bruhahaha staff of maintaning the rank. Haha

Eh! Second Hand Books, where do you get them? So, tired of reading "cara-cara hidup" online. ahaks

Happy Monday Ya..

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Opps tertinggah sudah...

ehh anny, tak da langganan blog melalui emel ke? Senang Rizal nak langgan : )

Anny said...

Olla Rizal,

Mana ada secret chatting.. *LOL* but yes.. its a secret society at mooland :D

i love to read some blogs, love to have a blog, sometimes can't find time to manage many blogs (ini semua sendiri carik pasal) *LOL* but don't take too long to figure out everything.. just let it flow. Some things don't need to be figured out.

We write/blog to share our thoughts and nothing more. Don't worry so much about the readership. And blogging should not be the center of the universe.. hehehehe

Do blog to relax and share. That way, you will enjoy blogging. And it won't become a chore.

I get my books from Novelhut :D Don't la read "cara-cara hidup" online. Read something else.. like...

Happy Monday to you too.. ops! Tuesday.

Anny said...

langganan blog melalui emel means RSS ka? hahahaha.. my bahasa is manyak terok ma :D

Anonymous said...

I am Anny's secret admirer..she's too pretty for me though..sighhh..

Anyway, secret ingredient for cooking? cook with total abandon! and lotsa loveee...no need to measure the ingredients...just chuck everything in! it works! (most times)