1. I had two bananas for lunch and now i am feeling like a monkey.
  2. Go hang upside down from the fan my colleague says.
  3. Does eating too much vegetables make you feel like a rabbit?
  4. Why is a dutch oven called an oven when its a pot?
  5. The rain is trying to be funny with me today.
  6. Running out as fast as my stick legs can carry me to fetch the laundry is not easy if your furry friend tries to run just as fast beside you while thinking its a game.
  7. Some people cannot sleep without their dutch wives.
  8. Spongebob is annoyingly funny.
  9. Its so warm here that trying to work is NOT an option anymore.
  10. Rain is still trying to be funny with me.
  11. Maybe i should become a bat and work at night instead while hiding under the bed with Dom during the day.
  12. I think Dom has a special fur-growth formula that works. He is a furry monster again. Any hair-growth companies that is interested in this fur-growth can contact Dom @ Piper Kingdom.
  13. Annoying vans with speakers that play annoying songs that sends some dogs howling are making their rounds.
  14. Be nice to the people that come by to take the census. Our country is doing the census this month and all the folks around here are too afraid to open their doors to strangers. *LOL*
  15. Don't sc**w with me rain or i'll i'll i'll...

6 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Hahaha ... The rain must really like you la ...

Unknown said...

The rain is not being very helpful today.. they just come and go for one minute and GONE. Then they come again for 1/2 a min and GONE. Wait till i get my hands on rain.

The Daily Pip said...

Love Spongebob!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

wonderful thoughts--I especially love the one about Spongebob. What about that laugh? Rain, rain, come again!

Unknown said...

You love the squarepants too Pip? hehehehee..

Unknown said...

and the dance too Bridget :D the dance tops it all about Spongebob! I wish for some rain to at least cool down the house a little...