What do you call a man who does silly things? A silly man of course :)

My backdoor neighbour has a personal crusade against the "wild cats" in the neighbourhood. Yesterday evening i saw this grown man with big stones in his palms, running and chasing the cats in the backlane. With a very angry face, all puffed up and sweaty, he ran up and down the backlane chasing stray cats.

Today he had a tiff with his sister who lives next door to him. He told her not to feed the cats quite loudly. Maybe he was trying to send the message over to me and my next door neighbour too. He was still pissed after one whole day.

I wonder what the cats did to him. These strays probably are just minding the own business, catching some rats in the drains or looking for a bite or two from the scraps that some people leave out for them.

Strays are an issue as they multiply quite fast. If we do not feed the strays, would they just dissapear overnight? Seriously, does he have to chase them down with big stones. Heartless idiot. I couldn't let him have a piece of my mind... as he's our neighbour and this man is way older than me.

Some people get through life without ever having a pet or knowing one. They are just too into themselves that they will not open up their lives for a cat or a dog. Somehow they do not realise that pets can make them a better person. Stroking a dog helps bring down your blood pressure. If he only knew. He could probably pop an artery getting so angry over some strays. Or he's probably bored. So chasing strays with stones in his hands are cheap thrills for him.

His sister lives next door to him on her own. Sometimes i hear her crying or wailing loudly. The whole neighbourhood says that she's crazy. But i think she's just lonely. If only they knew what a pet can do to her life. It could probably turn her life around. She could get better. She does plant beautiful flowers. And she is definitely more humane than her brother. She feeds the strays in the morning.. quietly.

People who are living alone and lonely live better lives when they have a companion pet. They are not so prone to depression. Autistic children could learn to cope better with animal therapy. The list is endless if only they knew.

Did i tell you about the old man and his dog? After his wife passed away and his children moved away, his only companion day in and out is his dog. Day after day, i see him walk slowly to buy food. I see that he is happy. He does not have an angry face like my "wild cat chaser" neighbour.

I read on Marg's blog this quote... People who hate cats, will come back as mice in the next life. *LOL* Hope he does. Oh yesssss... i am wicked sometimes.

"wild cats" of our backlane

I don't know why he calls them wild cats. They are just strays. They are not wild.

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Nessa said...

whoaaa... dos stray cats sure looks beeeyoooful. They don't look like strays at all! :D

it's the same here... so many stray cats at the backlane. I saw some pweety kittens the other day. i never feed them tho, takut i get too attached. the neighbors do feed them so okay la... hehe

Anonymous said...

Man is not alone in this world. What goes around comes around. Maybe this neighbour of yours fail to realise this.

Very good looking cats btw..you must have fed them good stuff!

Carry on the good work Anny.


The Daily Pip said...

Oh, this makes me sad ...our three cats are all from the streets and now they are happy house cats. Good for you for helping feed them! Is there any way to get some of them spayed or neutered so fewer new ones are born?

Your pal, Pip

Life With Dogs said...

Sounds like someone needs to lighten up!

Marg said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I hope that man does come back as a mouse. And you are right, they aren't wild cats, they are just hungry. If someone could trap them and get them fixed, then there wouldn't be an increase in the numbers.
Glad someone is feeding those poor things.

Unknown said...

They are beautiful Ness. They are strays. That's the momma cat and all their children. One is blind in the eye too. I always feed the blind one cos she's slower than the rest.

Remember Ken? He had a lot of cats in his yard and porch too. He feeds all of them.

Unknown said...

If only he knows that he's not alone... and not only man can rule the earth. We need each other to bring a balance to the ecological cycle.

He's just an angry man who needs to vent.. and venting on harmless creatures are not really right. Hope he gets to be a mouse in his next life la.. hahahahahaa

Unknown said...

These cats love their freedom to roam... they are happy with their pack Pip. I still do not know how to get some of them spayed/neutered. There's too many of them and they don't actually let you come close. After all the stone throwing from some quarters, it is hard for these cats to be trusting.

Unknown said...

Yea.. someone really needs to vent his energy some where else.

BeadedTail said...

I feel sorry for people who have never loved or been loved by dogs or cats. What a horrible life to not share them with animals who show such unconditional love. It's probably why he's so hateful today. Hopefully he never hurts one of the cats though. That would be tragic.

Ann said...

Those are some pretty kitties for strays. That guy needs an attitude adjustment big time. If he doesn't come back as a mouse maybe a stray would be another good choice for him. Walk a mile in the cats paws sort of thing :)

3 doxies said...

Wes not kitteh kat peoples BUT they is still living creatures and deserves dignity and respect like EVERTHING else.

I've heard in some towns it is actually illegal to feed da strays...who has time to make such stoopid laws? Just burns me up!

Thank you fur stopping by me blog to wish me a happy birfday. So good to meet new furiends


sriyany said...

I loathe people who prey on defenseless animals and I agree that pets can turn a person's life around in many ways.

This 'wild cat chaser' is obviously in need for some anger management classes. Hopefully he comes back as a big, ugly rat in his next life! :P

Soulie said...

pets can just make us smile for their cuteness and manjaness hehe. too bad your neighbour is a grumpy old man

baincardin said...

Hi Anny! ^_^

**my wife, she prefers 'Ashman' instead of 'Ash'. Sorry and thank you for your concern ya.

Have a nice day ya! :)

Spiffy said...

Yup, people who have never had a pet are just clueless idiots.

I have strays here too and I sometimes pity the critters especially when it rains and they get soaked :(

These days I'm more sympathetic to animals, wild or strays. I personally think EVERYONE should have a pet, it would make them all better people.

Oh and talking about neighbours, well you know I don't get along with all my neighbours ... LOL!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! It is sad but great for you good deeds. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Unknown said...

You are most welcome Marg :) i do hope the man comes back as a mouse too.. *LOL* what goes around will surely come around someday.

Hope we can do something about the increasing numbers of strays here. And surely not feeding them is not going to solve the issue too.

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for people who have never known an animal's love too. They sure don't know what they are missing. They might be searching the whole world for the unconditional love.
These cats are hardy... they sure leap and run faster than the man and his legs can carry him.

Unknown said...

With everyone wishing he'll come back as a mouse one day... i think he'll probably will Ann... *LOL*

Unknown said...

You are right Puddles. Every living thing deserves dignity and respect. You are surely the wise one here.

Hope you did have a great birthday Puddles.. and the Roast was pretty funny. You sure have a lot of admirers out there! Have a great week ahead Puds!

Unknown said...

Some people and their temper cannot be contained. They live very hard lives not knowing unconditional love from a pet.

I hope one day probably.. he'll get a chance to be love by a dog/cat. Then maybe he'll realise that his anger was for nothing worthwhile.

Thanks for dropping by here Sriyany!

Unknown said...

grumpy old man got a hard lesson to learn Soulie.. A long hard lesson to learn about love.

Unknown said...

Ashman it is then Bain :) Ashman does sound nicer anyways. Have a great week ahead Bain!

Unknown said...

People who have never had a pet should be given a chance to love one... Our strays here are pretty smart.. they usually go up to the roof when it rains. They stay up there till the rain stops :) They are very hardy and not too trusting.

You are already a better man since Pebbles came into your life.. you never knew that a small fella could run your life rite? hehehee

Most of my neighbours knew me since i was a kid.. so i got to respect them :D We do look out for each other except for a few.

Unknown said...

We do what we can Sugar. A little goes a long way... and a little makes a lot of difference :)