Ops! Please forgive my bad manners. I ate too much and am too lazy to even roll over. Ops lagi!.. i've been mixing with Dommy too much. What am i doing rolling over for? :D

As promised.. here's the chili dish i cooked just now. Good thing it turned out okay since i can never cook the same thing the same way with the same taste again.

It doesn't look very red hot spiffy.. i mean spicy.. hahhahaha.. but it is spicy. The chili paste i got from the market from this nice old lady is a real knocker (chili paste is very useful when you don't have time to grind your own.. and when you are lazy). I think she grinds all the chili padi (bird's eye chili) that she cannot sell for the day into this chili paste.

Anyways.. here are the ingredients.

There's only 6 big praws (because there's only dad and i eating dinner) *LOL* which is marinated with salt and tumeric. Chili paste from the makcik at the wet market. Cucumber sliced and to be eaten raw. One bombay onion. One tomato. Ops! And two cloves of smashed garlic (yea.. they are not there in the above picture).

Fry the prawns in a some oil for a while. Not too long else the prawns get too tough. Then dish it out.

Using the same oil, sauté the onions and garlic. Drop in the tomatos. Stir stir stir. Pour half of chili paste since i only have six prawns *LOL* Stir it a bit.. add a bit of water.. and a bit of sugar to balance the taste. Put the prawns that are fried into the pan and stir stir stir. Dish it out immediately when its mixed nicely with the sauce.

This portion is for two people. And dad and i are not big eaters. The chili prawns are nice with hot rice. Loads of rice. Don't think i can do a website on recipes. I just remember to stir stir stir and forget to take the picture of the sauce when its cooking. *LOL*

Here's the pot of chicken breast meat i cooked for Dommy in the morning. Sometimes i add one carrot and one potato in. Today's pot is just chicken. I just boil it with some water over low fire until the water almost runs out. When the meat has cooled off, i smash it up with my hands and mix it around.

Then i pack it into daily portions and freeze it. The packed meat lasts about 2 weeks as there are only 14 packs. He only eats one meal a day (and he is overweight at 9.3kgs). The vet says he's overweight a bit. Usually he has a pack of chicken meat that is warmed up and mixed into a 1/2 cup of kibbles for dinner. He has 2 biscuits in the morning and sometimes a treat in the afternoon. Do you think i am overfeeding him?

Dommy's packed chicken for the freezer

That's all for today. Tomorrow... i want to tell you about "The Fool". Goodnight people :) Dommy sends a *woof* too. He's dozing off already.

Snoozing away on his own ole poang. Its a cold night *hehe*

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Maggie Mae and Max said...

Oooh, my mom can'ts do real spicy food but she says it looks yummy.
Dommy looks snuggly warm under his blanket. We are in the middle of a heat wave where I live so I has no need for a snuggly blanket this week. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Unknown said...

Asians love their food spicy. I can't take too spicy too. But i try to cook some spicy food for my dad sometimes. Quite a horrible cook actually. More disasters than successes.

Dommy is snuggling under the thin blankie as we are in an aircon room. Its very warm in Malaysia now. We sometimes need the aircon to cool the room down.

thanks for dropping by Maggie :D

The Daily Pip said...

Looks good! I like trying new foods! You look very comfy in your chair!

Your pal, Pip

The Daily Pip said...

P.S. how do I follow your bloggie? I don't see an option on your site.

Unknown said...

Mr Pip... so sorry i lost both your comments. Clicked the wrong button :p

Yes.. Dommy loves his chair esp at night :)

i have fixed the "google friends follow" gadget in just for you. Thanks for dropping by.

Life With Dogs said...

I wish I could cook...or have you do it for me. Yum! :)

BeadedTail said...

Chili with prawns and cucumbers is something we've never seen before. We do like spicy though!

Dommy is very cute under his blanket!

Anonymous said...

put in sugarrrrr...it makes the chili bright red..then it turns maroon...low flame.

also throw in some oyster sauce and some tomato+ cili sauce

anyways, urs is the very best oven baked chicken with oyster sauce that i ever had in me sordid life.(the lingam cili sauce helped too)


Unknown said...

Wah wah wah, syiok jer berselimut di atas kerusi..

Nampak macam seharian dah sibuk memasak, tibalah masanya untuk rehat2 senang goyang kaki.

Adoi incik RestNrilekS tengok pun cemburu. Nak Juga senang-senang hati macam Dommy tu.

Dommy! mama bagi makan mewahhhh tuu. hehe

Unknown said...

Oh.. i can cook for you anytime.. drop by :D

Unknown said...

Chili prawns :) Cucumbers are just eaten raw to balance out the spicy+ness in the tummies :D

it was a cooler nite for him that day... he was rolled up like a ball and i thought that he might be cold.

Unknown said...

i did. i did put in sugar.. but the boh is not very red :D

lagi the oven baked chicken with oyster sauce *LOL* that's like many moons away

Unknown said...

syiok jugak berselimut di atas kerusinya si Dommy.

actually is sibuk seharian kerja.. then the masak memasak.. then baru bole goyang kaki :) then its tibala masa tidooo

The life of Dommy memang senang senang saja... :) boiled chicken is not makan mewah.. it is much much cheaper to boil chicken for him than buying canned dog food :) bole berjimat.