Ahh... the raindance worked. Quite a big storm we had. We even had to pull the phone lines for the internet out. We had rain the whole of yesterday from morning till night. The gardens were watered and some flowers are blooming. I wonder if my watermelon plant will survive. Yes.. i am trying to grow watermelons. *LOL*

My neighbour, my father's friend is growing watermelons and grapes in his yard. The watermelons are already about the size of grapefruits and he is pretty proud of them. He gave me a small watermelon plant the other day. I dug a hole in the garden near the hedge and hopefully it will survive. Without no green fingers, the only probable thing that survives in this garden are weeds and hardy plants.

If i am successful with the melons, Jaiboo might have watermelons next time he comes home :)

Dom is becoming quite the senior dog that he is. He is so bored without the cute little one around here. Yes.. cuteness sells. He's been sleeping the whole day. But its really too warm for him to do anything else. His friend Lester haven't come by for quite a while now. I wonder what happen to that little guy. The little guy usually escapes from his big house few roads away and comes running back to our neighbourhood to visit his friends braving traffic and heat. Quite a trooper.

1728 hours. I should probably start cooking dinner. But since its been extremely warm today, i'll do something light and easy. Porridge. When i get a bit too lazy to cook, i do a one pot thingy. Not much of a cooking involved but the porridge is good enough to get us through the day.

Dad don't actually eat quite a lot for dinner. He munches on a lot of stuffs throughout the day and when it comes to dinner, he is actually quite full/half full. My cooking portions are getting smaller and smaller that sometimes its getting a bit crazy. But i don't quite like to have leftovers and wastage. Whatever that gets into the fridge as leftovers sometimes stays in there and gets forgotten.

Cooking rice even became a challenge. We have a big rice cooker here. And cooking one cup of rice in this rice cooker is pretty funny as the rice is just at the bottom bit of the pot. Its not even an inch. Wastage when the rice gets stuck on the bottom. So now we just steam the rice in a small steel bowl. Just enough for both dad and i.

Boy is coming home for a short break tomorrow. I haven't seen him for the longest time. I bet he is just as excited to come home and sleep in his own room and on his own bed. Even for 2 days would be quite a luxury for him. Cooking will take a different turn tomorrow :) We are cooking for one more person and that should be more fun.

Watermelons if this survive :)

16 woofs:

Spiffy said...

I remember when I was a young lad (a very loooonnnnggggg time ago) I actually managed to plant my own watermelons. I was so happy when it finally grew that I gobbled it all down by myself ... LOL!

Maggie Mae said...

I luvs to eat watermelon! I sure hopes that you are able to grow it!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS It is hot here too so mom is doing all the cooking outside on our grill....yum

Marg said...

We are cheering your little watermelon along. We hope to see pictures of big watermelons after a little while.
Take care and have a good day.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Glad the rain stop. It's also HOT here too. WOW! watermelon Mmmm cant wait to see it.
I thought I'm following your blog because its on my list but with Blogger's recent boobooo It says on my google reader I don't have any blogs following, Tried to follow your blog but it won't allow me. Will try again later.
Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

BeadedTail said...

Glad you got some rain and that now the storms are over! Hope the watermelon grows really big!

Rebecca said...

Good luck with your little watermelon plant. They need a LOT of sun and space. One thing that's really important is that you don't want to pick it until it's totally ripe!

Chewy said...

Hi Anny,

Thanks for commenting on your blog. Is your brother a shih tzu too? We look alike. I really liked the Wordless Wednesday pic of him. I look forward to reading your posts!

Your friend,

Duni said...

Wow, watermelons? I've never seen the plant before. I'm not sure they would survive here, but good luck to you. I hope you can grow a big one!!

Anny said...

You did? wow.. and here i am still struggling to keep the plant alive.. *LOL* well.. actually.. not struggling.. i just depend on the rain to water the soil :)

gobbled all by yourself? gosh! how many melons you got?

Anny said...

I just found out Dommy loves melons too.. on very hot days :) i hope i am able to grow it too.. its been great cos we have extreme sun and extreme rain lately... :)

didya mom grill some chicken for you too Maggie?

Anny said...

With so many people cheering this watermelon plant on.. i sure hope it survives Marg.. or i'll just buy some big melons and put them on the ground *LOL*

hope you are having a great weekend with your staff :)

Anny said...

We had some new leaves on the tiny melon plant today Sugar.. i sure hope it will survive :D we'll keep you all posted when it grow more leaves :)

You are following my blog Sugar :) actually i just fixed it in recently for Pip :D

thanks for dropping by and you look great in the blue bandana :D

Anny said...

We still have a few more months to go before we actually will see any fruit.. hehhehehee.. hope it grows real big too :D

Anny said...

Thanks Rebecca.. they sure am getting Lots of sun. Its the sunniest part of the garden :) If we do get some fruits or one fruit.. i'll make sure its ripe before we pluck it. Thanks for the tip.

Anny said...

Hey Chewy.. thank you for dropping by. Yes.. our brother here is a shitzu to. A toy size. Fiesty and pretty fat now. He's coming home again next week. We'll tell him you said hi :)

You and Piper sure look alike :)

Anny said...

Hey Duni.. i'll surely post more pictures of the melon plant if it survives. Knowing me and my "non" greenie fingers.. we'll keeping all our toes crossed. Dommy's too :)