Back Home Again ~ John Denver

This is one of my many favourites of John Denver's songs. Yep.. i am from the John Denver era :) whoops! kinda makes me old :D He was very much a part of my life as he kept singing in the background no matter in the house or in the car :) He was everywhere.

The last of family member left this morning. Boy was the last to leave. A very sad face again. *LOL* Poor kid is always with a sad face each time he has to go back to college. And the countdown to sadness starts from yesterday. We told him.. cheer up. Its only 6 weeks and you'll get to come back home again for a holiday. No amount of cheering up did crack a bit of a smile on that face. Maybe it was the ulcer in his mouth that was giving him grief.

Boy saw most of his friends this time he came home for his break. They were all back since it was the Hari Raya holidays and a lot of the colleges and universities were having a longer break too. He went out with some friends and compared notes about living life on their own. Most of them suffered. Most of them are not very happy. Most of them have to struggle real hard.

He's in one of the top classes in his school. They are a very competitive bunch. Very brilliant bunch of kids. Most of them are on government scholarships and doing heavy degrees. When you are on government scholarships, you have to struggle hard to get a good place in the public university next year.

He told me, none of his friends are happy living out on their own and away from family. I asked him why? He told me... it is because we have to struggle and study real hard all the time. There's really no time for play because 2 years of work is cramped into 1 year to prepare them for university. I wonder if this is education gone wrong. Our country is developing a bunch of robots.

I remember my time in college was the happiest. But i did art. We didn't do much studying. All we did was have fun and went everywhere. We didn't have much grieve. It was just late nights doing the projects before the presentations but most of the time we were singing happily and doing the projects into the wee hours of the morning. But i am not a professional and i don't earn a lot of money. That's probably why i should have probably studied harder last time :)

We have had a lot of family at home these past few days. Dad was happy for the extra company. Dommy was delighted. So many people giving him tummy rubs and so many people taking him out to the garden to run wild.. hahhahahaa And so many people feeding him under the table. Each and every person in the house seems to be feeding him secretly and he's not telling me who. He's just happily bobbing here and there with a perpetual smile plastered on his face.

His head is ruffled each time he walks into each and every room in the house. Everywhere he walks he gets a Dommieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... and he was almost not beside me most of the days. He was kinda parked at the dining table because that was where he had his most handouts :)

This holiday alone... just these few days.. i think he has kinda gained a bit of weight. His tummy seems to sway left and right bobbing happily away when he walks. And i thought that i have successful controlled his weight lately. I am going to get a shelling from Dom's groomer again next i see her because she will tell me that i am overfeeding my dog... again. But its really not my fault. Really.

Well... guess we do have to trim down his food again. His thin long legs will not be able to support his weight when he gets older... and he's very much a senior dog. Its really something to watch out for. Overfeeding is not love. My father always say that Dom doesn't look like a poodle. He says Dom's too fat to be a poodle. He looks like the roundest poodle. He'll probably have to join the Biggest Loser soon to lose some weight.

It has been a good holiday this time. We didn't go on any roadtrip and got stuck in some other state or on the highway. We were just at home bumming around. Cooking.. we even made a lasagna that don't quite taste like cardboard this time (yes! we are getting there) kids making cupcakes.. and just tons and tons of laundry :) Our laundry keeps piling up each day even though we did about 3 rounds each day. I could even hear the washing machine groaning away and finally heaving a sigh of relief yesterday.

I met up with some friends who came back too. It was nice catching up with them. We were laughing so loud in the coffee shop we kinda forgotten our manners. We were rolling on them cushions and thought that we were at home. These were my college friends. They still remain my closest buddies.

Well... this kinda sums up our long weekend of the Eid holidays. Hope everyone had a good break back home with family or with friends. Its been a while since this home was filled with life again. Both Dom and i are waiting for the next time that they will be back home again.

Very tired well fed rounded creature. He don't quite know how to cover his bits.

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ppiffy said...

I remember my time in college when I was studying graphic design, I ALWAYS left it to the last minute (normally the day before) to finish all my work ... hahaha!

I have to agree with you. The education system in this country emphasizes on results which in the end does nothing to build character and experience, like you said, a bunch of robots!

scotsmad said...

Our human played cards throughout her college years....she says she knows about John Denver, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anny said...

ppiffy? when didya become ppiffy? *LOL*

urmm.. i was kinda were like you... we thrive on procastination when it comes to projects in college and somehow we work better under extreme pressure :p

Kids in our country need to be moulded into all-rounders and not as robots. Robots don't do well in real life situations.

Anny said...

hahahhaa.. your hooman is sure a lot of fun.. i wish i knew her back when i was in college too... we would have made great friends :)

have a great time at summer camp Daisy, Kendra & Bella.. we will miss yous for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!

Marg said...

Sounds like fun having everyone home. And they will be back before you know it. Sorry Dom, that you have to go on a diet. You sure don't look fat to us.
Our Mom likes John Denver too.
Have a good day.

Anny said...

Its always fun when everyone's home... kinda feel like Christmas :) Dom will haveta be on just a minor diet adjustment...i really don't want to see his legs suffering to support his body when he is old.. it would be heartbreaking.

We all loved John Denver here too :) Have a wonderful day ahead Marg

houndstooth said...

I remember being so excited to be on my own when I was able to go to college. Technology has changed education a great deal. It used to be that the information you learned in college would be obsolete in five years after you graduated, but now it's one year or sometimes less.

BeadedTail said...

Our mommy had fun during her college years too! She also remembers John Denver too!

Dom, glad you had fun with all the guests but sorry you have to go on a diet now.

Chewy said...

My momma loves john denver and she is from the 80s era! her favorire john denver song is rocky mountain high.


Nessa said...

John Denver's songs are evergreen! ^-^

You from JD era?? eh, sure or noooot? ;) Meh bagi ic dulu, i nak confirmation... LOL!

Kesian Boy. I can relate. Leaving home and loved ones even for a while is never easy... rasa macam the heart's string kena tarik2 je :'(

But I know he will get through this phase... it will make him stronger, dats for sure! He oso have you... so no worries there :D

Ahhh Dommy... nice pose! ^-^

Nessa said...

LOL @ ppiffy!!! kahkahkah :P Spiffy's long lost cousin perhaps....

Life With Dogs said...

I'm still felling relived not to have kids. I would struggle with seeing them go away. :)

Love that pic!!

Anny said...

I was excited too when i went off to work in the big city and lived on my own.. but after a while.. i missed home too.

Technology does change education in a way... we have actually evolved into a much more info seeking world. But what i've learned in college other than photography is pretty obsolete. How we did things back then and now is a wide difference.

Anny said...

People should have fun in college.

Dom will just be on a tiny diet... he's at a ok size and weight.. but when i saw his stomach sway left and right.. i began to worry for his thin legs because he loves to jump and run real fast.

Anny said...

Rocky mountain high is one of our favs too Chewy. Glad your momma loves him too.

Anny said...

John Denver's songs are evergreen! ^-^

You from JD era?? eh, sure or noooot? ;) Meh bagi ic dulu, i nak confirmation... LOL!

He's just very pampered by his grandpa.. hehhehe.. but he's only 18.. while i left home at 20. I can relate too. Living away from home and loved ones is never easy esp time time when we sakit or no money.

He'll get through.. i am sure. He's a tough kid. But the studies are much tougher. He has all of us and his mom and dad to back him up.

Dommy tak tau malu la sometimes.. hehehehehe

Anny said...

Oh yes.. i am from JD's era.. i grew up listening to him and Jim Reeves... ops! that's too much information already *LOL* Aku mano ado ic ponya.. i came in a boat from China ponya :p

LOL @ ppiffy!!! tibo-tibo.. he become ppiffy.. hahhahaaa abis laa.. we both better start running else he comes and zap us with his obsolete raygun :)

Anny said...

Ahh.. i haven't got to the part of having kids too... but i wish to have some one day soon :)

Boy is my sister's kid :) but very close to us. It is still a struggle to see him go away.