A family that eats together stays together. Most cultures have a belief that families should always eat together. There was a rule in our family that everyone had to be seated before anyone could dig into the food. Before that, the youngest of the young would have to invite everyone who is older than him/her to eat. Then the 2nd youngest and so and so. It was a rule since my grandma days. It is quite a sight to see everyone asking everyone to eat.. hahahhahahaa

When i was little, dining tables used to be smaller. I remember my grandma's dining table which is a round marble top with pretty sturdy wooden legs. I had my first birthday on that table. Grandma was holding me while i was right smack on the table with my siblings and cousins surrounding me and my cake. The antique table is still around. My aunt is having it in her house. They still have their dinners on that small round table.

In our household here, we used to have a rectangle dining table which sits six people or more but we only had six chairs. It is also the same table that my mom used to chase us round and round with a cane when my sisters and i tipped her balance on some days. It was like a game of chase because my mom never got to us *LOL* We are pretty smart and run into the rooms to lock ourselves in any chance we could. But mom being mom never really wanted to whip us with the cane. She only wanted to scare us by chasing us with the cane.

One day our rectangle dining set went away and mom finally got her dream dining set which is a round dining table with matching chairs. The table can be opened in its center and extended to a larger table accommodating more guests in the house. I call it the "James Bond" table because it has a hidden side to it :)

I know that it was her dream set because she wanted it for a very very long time. I remember her face glow with pride when the dining table came into our home. Her needs were always shelved to accomodate our needs first. My mom was most patient to get to her dreams. Her needs were very simple.

Personally i prefer a round dining table. Its the nearness of family members when everyone tries to get themselves stuffed into the tight circle to have a meal that keeps them all together. Families should always try and eat together once in a while. With our current hectic pace of life in the city, meals are never eaten together. People grow more distant and families fall apart.

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26 woofs:

Nick Phillips said...

Back in my younger days, my dining table was the coffee table in front of the TV ... LOL!

But I like a round table too and wifey has been wanting to get one for age but we want to sell our existing rectangle one first ...

Ann said...

I miss the big family dinners. It seems like no one has the time any more to all sit down together.

As for the giveaway I've been wanting a laptop bag and I saw the designer sleeve, autumn birds executive sleeve. I would choose that.

Unknown said...

the coffee table in front of the tv was my dining table too when i was living alone :)

round tables are awesome ya? hope u get to sell your rectangle one soon! Else if you cannot sell it.. kasi posraju sini la :p

Unknown said...

Our big family dinners are not very rampant nowadays too.. since everyone have their own lives to lead. But we still do when we all meet. And its a mighty big noisy dinner :D dad misses the company.

Hope you win Ann :)

3 doxies said...

Hey theres, it's Puddles...
Uh, me and brudder and sissy ain't allowed to eat togethers...hehehe...but da peoples...wait, they don't eat togethers either.


The Daily Pip said...

I don't get to eat with my family! They eat at a round table, but I eat by myself in the kitchen. Not fair!!

I would choose one of the imperial cat scratchers (the sofa) or any one of their cool dog beds!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

Hey Puds... we did kinda miss yous :)

me and Anny don't get to eat together too. I get to eat first and when she eats.. i still hope that her mouth leaks or she'll drop me a piece of chicken :D i am always hungry. Curly's get more hungry usually i tinks.

woofs & licks,

Unknown said...

Oh Pipster :) Glad you dropped by. I don't get to eat with my family too! But I eat by first and i sometimes get a 2nd helping when grandpa eats *shhh* no telling the others :)

What's you gonna do with a cat scratchers.. hehhehehe But hopes you do win Pipster :)

woofs & licks,

Marg said...

We used to have to sit at the table for dinner and breakfast when we were children back in the dark ages. Too bad they don't do that any more.
We would very much like to win the Armirket cat tree or any cat tree. We don't have a cat tree and think it would be tons of fun. Thanks so much for this opportunity.
Have a marvelous Monday.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Mom and dad always eat togethers and my grandpa eats at my house too. :) I eats before they do so I can hang out near the table with thems.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Unknown said...

dark ages? hehehe.. You are funny Marg. Yep.. nowadays people find it harder and harder to make time to eat together anymore.
Hope you will win the Armirket cat tree or any cat tree for your staff :) Have a wonderful Monday ahead too!

Unknown said...

Anny and grandpa sometimes eats together but sometimes Anny eats later for lunch when she's stuck in front of the puter thingy. I always hang out beside grandpa everytime he eats be it breakfast lunch tea dinner or supper :) he is very generous with me. Shhh! Don't tell Anny. Have a good Monday Maggie dear

woofs & licks,

Those Elgin Pugs said...

meal times are always good!! Snorts!!

butt 'dis is a nice post!!
eatin' wits family is 'da best!!

Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

houndstooth said...

I always think of both of my grandmothers' dining tables. Both were beautiful wood tables, but worn and smooth from the many times we all sat down at them to eat. The food was always so good and the conversation was always so much fun!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Most families I know eat in front of the television. Can't believe the number of 10-12 year olds who cannot use a knife and fork....let alone have manners.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

BeadedTail said...

We always had family dinners when I was growing up especially when we visited my grandparents. Those were always special times!

Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway! We'd get a cat tree since we don't have one but really, really want one!

Chewy said...

Yes we always believe that family should eat at the table. Our table is round. Well I eat at the floor! : (


Nessa said...

I miss the dining table back home... cos it reminds me of good food, great company & plenty of laughter. It surely has seen better days... ripped edges, and got lobang2 oso but still sturdy though :D

But best of all masa we ate on the floor when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Parents couldnt afford a dining table yet that time. Tapi sure sakit bum-bum la... hehehe

If i win, I'd like the Oregon Scientific smartheart heart rate monitor! ^-^

leewo said...

Now we only eat together once a year, at New Year's Eve. Should not be like that!

My family used to eat together at a square table, seven of us, two sharing one side, except my dad.

that was many year ago.

i kind of miss that..

lovely story!

Unknown said...

Meal times are always good esp when they share their food with us :) grandpa usually do!
Have a wonderful Wednesday Josie girl, IzZY and Anakin!

Unknown said...

Wooden tables do make the best tables actually... i don't quite like the glass ones.. which seem kinda cold.
Memories from the past family meals always remain with us.. especially when there's great food and wonderful company around.

Happy Wednesday to you Bunny!

Unknown said...

Teaching kids basic table manners can only be done if the family do sit down and eat together :) People are just too busy to sit down anymore... they rather do watch tv.. hope you are having a great Wednesday Daisy, Kendra & Bella!

Unknown said...

Family dinners with grandparents are always nice and special. Glad you have had them when you were little.

Hope you will win a cat tree for Is and Angel :)

Unknown said...

Families should try and eat at the table together sometimes.. no matter how busy they may get with their lives. Round tables are the best don't ya think Chewy?

Unknown said...

The older the dining table, the better it gets... especially if its a wooden table :) Memories of good food and great company will always remain with us. We just have to try harder and get together more for meals :)

We actually did sat on the floor to eat when we first moved into this house too :) times were tougher then.. but still... a family eating together.. on the floor or on the table.. pon sama.. as long as they are eating together.

A heart rate monitor would prove useful for you and *ahem* someone... *wink*

Unknown said...

One of the reasons why we look forward to reunion dinners is... we sometimes crave for each other's company but can't seem to find the time to get together for a meal.

You have 7... we had 6... and that's still a large company for meals :) lots of laughter and chatter i am sure :)

we can always find time Lee and make time to eat together. My extended family always find reasons to have parties and pot luck.. hahahhahaha.. we have many good cooks in my family. All the more reason to eat.