This is one of my new furfriends. She is the first one to warmed over and trusted me.

I have been feeding some strays in the backlane behind my house. There are some regulars and some from the other neighbourhood. Our lane, which my neighbour named Jalan Kucing (meaning Cat Road) has more smaller strays. A few of my neighbours are kind and feed the cats too. The bigger cats do find their own way and food.

I do not know if feeding strays is right or wrong. Are we adding on to the populace of the strays by feeding them? But can you walk away if you see a thin hungry frail kitten?

Some of these strays love our garden. We have a big mango tree which they love to climb and hang out. They also love to go up to the roof to sleep. Sometimes we hear them walk on the roof in the night. Other times we can hear some chase and run up on the roof when they help us to eradicate the rats.

Lately, i've moved their plate of food from the backlane to this spot in the back of our garden. Here they have their own space to eat peacefully and properly. Its a guarantee meal each evening when i am around. Though they don't quite like to eat kiblets, if there's nothing to eat out there, they will always come by to eat the kibs.

These are the regulars which i feed. There's mommy cat who is always wary of strangers. The smaller kitty who is terrified of people. The other two who are eating are more trusting.

Cats have a different personality compared to a dog when it comes to trust. Their survival instincts makes them less easy to trust which should be respected. I think trying to smother affection to a stray cat will just result in frightened and probably aggressive cats.

when the two trusting ones were little...

I've never owned any cats in my entire lifetime. We always have dogs.

Dom is very protective of his garden. When he sees a cat, he'll chase them up the tree. On some days, he is quite open to the cats being there and wouldn't bug them at all. But when he's feeling like having some fun, he'll chase them up and down and out. Sometimes he chases the birds in the garden too. Well... his brother Piper is not around. There's no other furry fella to play chase with.

With time, i am sure i'll have names for these four cats :) In the meantime, one of them is ever so willing to pose for me. She actually loves the camera. Compared to dogs, they make very good photography subjects. They love to pose and they can sit still :) Hope you enjoyed our new furfriends.

I can pose and sit still too... if there are treats involved here

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Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh we did enjoy yous new kitty furiends!!

'dey seem furry nice and dey like to have fun!! hee hees!!

Cute pho-toes!!

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

Ann said...

It's been a long time since I've had a cat but I agree they are much easier to get pictures of. love the shots you have here.

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Loved all the kitty pictures. The last one of the 2 kittens with fish bones is so cuye but the best post picture is of Dommy at the end.

Thank's for helping homeless pups.


Spiffy said...

I think you should name one of those kittens Spiffy la ... hahaha ... and make sure it's the cutest one of the lot, ok? LOL!

We've got a heck of a lot of strays here too but they're all normally well fed by the other neighbours.

Nessa said...

oh poor cat... is she blind? :(

i have a lot of stray cats at the backlane... but i never feed them cos the opposite neighbor alwes feeds them... :D

i dunno if feeding strays is right or wrong. there should be a place to send these stray cats, just like dogs.

i saw a stray cat with a broken leg... but a kind doctor (maybe) fixed his leg because I saw the cat got bandaged properly. the stray cats are all big and healthy, very well fed... but they do get on my nerves when they start a fight... such a ruckus they cause. Hmmmm...

my dad adopted a stray cat back home. Gitom (means blackie) is not friendly, I've tried to pat him but i got scratched instead :'( Silly me.

love your photos... every picture tells a story. Dommy sure can pose, he looks so hemsem!

Texas The Doxie said...

hmmmm even do I don't even like cats i has ta say does are cute

3 doxies said...

Awwwwe dat Texas is ka-razy!
Anyways they is kinda cute to be kittehs. Mum has nevers had any kittehs eithers...just doxies...hehehe!
I heard dat in some place in da states it be's illegal to feed da strays! Yep, dats right. Dat be's a law dat prolly not taken seriosly though.


The Daily Pip said...

I think feeding them is the kind thing to do. If possible, getting them spayed or neutered is also important. We have lots of stray cats in our city and we try to spay and neuter (and then return them back outside) as many as possible to reduce the population.

All of our cats (we have 3) are strays that mama has rescued. You know, I love cats!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

thanks for likings our new furfriends :) they are quite a thick bunch.. they stick together all the times.

hope you are having a great Monday IzZy, Josie girl & Anakin Man. Lose the squirrel suit Anakin... its just not you :)

Unknown said...

thanks Ann... they make the most patient subjects for photography. I like :)

Unknown said...

thanks Mona.. i'll inform Dommy that you love his picture. He'll be delighted and do a triple turn :)

thanks for dropping by.

Unknown said...

I think we should name one of those kittens Ppiffy instead :) in honour of you.. ok? One of them sure look like a Ppiffy to me :D

Unknown said...

She is blind in one eye.. when she was born.. i thought that was she completely blind because both eyes didn't open at all for quite a while when she was a kitten. She's slower than the rest to get to the food.. and its only right that she gets her food here.

As long as someone is feeding them.. its okay. SPCA is overflowing with cats of all shapes and sizes. I went with a friend to adopt a big one before... eventually the tomcat ran away.. :)

You do have some nice neighbours around too. It must be a vet who fixed the kitty's leg. Nice of him/her. I don't know why some cats fight all the time too. There's one who is always bruised and bloody from fights. But i guess its more about territorial rights they have among each other at the backlanes. They fight for survival.

Gitom was the one that gave you bloody fingers the last time you went back rite?

Dommy was basking in the sun. He loves the sun. He doesn't know anything about sunblock.. hehehe

thanks for the looong comment :) and glad you love the pics.

Unknown said...

thanks Texas Doxie :) they are harmless creatures... and just hungry.

Unknown said...

Your mom only had doxies all her life? wow! You sure am lucky you are one :)

That must be not a very friendly state to be in... and glad i am not in that state too :D

Hope Albert's getting better now after his brush with Anastatia... he's better be likes me.. like with them tartar sauce.. and just eat them greenies. Its better that way.

Peace to you Puds.

woofs & licks,

Unknown said...

Getting them spayed or neutered is surely very important Pipster. We have lots of stray cats in our shelters too and out on the streets.

Your mama is a very good person. And you surely choose the perfect forever home to be at Pips.

We know you love cats. You did saved one at Frankie's wedding :D

woofs & licks,

houndstooth said...

It's been a while since we had any cats, and I miss them a little, but I doubt we'll have any more. I'm not sure they'd get along so well with the dogs. Yours are so cute!

Lilac says thank you for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots of the fur friends!

BeadedTail said...

What sweet kitties! It's so nice of you to make sure they have food! Sadie chases all the neighbor kitties if they come in her yard but she doesn't chase her sisfurs in the house. Cats do sit much stiller than dogs do!

Unknown said...

They are not mine yet.. they are free to come and go :) There's a open door thingy which is better for their survival instincts and i really never have had any cats before.. i have to read up on that first :)

Am glad Lilac had a great gotcha day... i love the cake you made her.

Unknown said...

thanks Bridget :) i wanna try your banana bread recipe soon...

Unknown said...

Sadie does too? hehhehe... the introooders rite? Her sisfurs will probably give her a piece of their minds if she did. Cats are sure more patient when they are photographed. Dommy... urmm.. i can even hear him grumbling under his breath if i am too long with the camera :D

Oskar said...

Those are cute new friends.

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