Michelle Featherstone - Coffee And Cigarettes

Coffee and cigarettes are a good combination. When you are having a coffee and a cigarette to tag along, it feels good. A lot of things get discussed over coffee and cigarettes :) These are the simple habits or addictions of life.

Things that feel good are not necessarily good or healthy for one's being. As good combinations go, it is also a very hard habit to break.

I don't smoke now but i did try many years ago. My dad used to be a heavy smoker. And he was a very agitated man. I swore to myself never to smoke when i grew up. i dodge friends that keep trying to get me to be like them and smoke with them. Over at discos and parties, i was always offered a smoke and i always declined. They respected that. One day, when i was going through a very tough time, i grabbed two cigarettes from my friend's table and went to the loo. I sat thinking for a long time... lighted both up and put both in my mouth. After a few puffs, i threw both in the toilet and flushed them away. Rule of the thumb, never try to smoke two cigarettes at once :D

Smoking was quite like Mills and Boons story books. You smoke one, they are all alike. You read one Mills and Boons book, they are all alike too. I never did smoke again after those two in the toilet. It didn't solve my problem and i didn't find the need for them anymore.

Coffee on the other hand is the most hard habit to break. In my family, we have coffee even when we were kids. Black coffee. I remember grandma and her really tall glass of black coffee. It used to make me smile when i see her with her tall glass of coffee.

The longest i went without any coffee was one month after i went for a detox programme. After the detox regime, i forgot about coffee completely. Until a month later, coffee came back in full glory. Slowly but happily, i welcomed it back to my life :) It has been a habit ever since to have one each morning to send a wake up call to all my organs.

Coffee on the other hand are not quite like Mills and Boons story books *LOL*

And why am i talking about coffee and cigarettes?

I took on a new project. Its called the Sketchbook Project. I took it on after i read about it on Emila's side.  She is taking on the challenge too. It would be fun to do it together.

Its been quite a long while since i drew or sketch anything. I got grey hair to prove that its been very long. I probably won't remember how to hold a pencil correctly.. and sometimes, i can't even read what i scribbled *LOL* But i could use with some excitement to keep me busy for 3 months.

We are actually quite busy now at work till our Christmas break. What have i got myself into *LOL* Worse come to worse, i'll just keep the sketchbook if i don't finish it by December. What a loser to think such thoughts.. hahahahahahaa

Anybody else wanna join us in this? I choose the theme coffee and cigarettes. It would be fun.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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Marg said...

I don't drink coffee but I do love a cigarette. I try not to smoke since it makes me feel so bad. It is a stupid thing to do. Anyway, hope you have a great day.

Ann said...

I'm afraid I'm addicted to both coffee and cigarettes. You were smart not to get hooked on the smoking, it's a tough one to give up

3 doxies said...

Coffe and cigarettes...a good combo...but, a beer and a cigateete is even betters...or a cigar...hehehehehehe!
It has been years and years since mum has drawed anything. I not sures if hers remembers how to do it. Her was mostly into fotography as opposed to da rest of da family who was heavily into art.


Maggie Mae said...

Good fur youz quitting da cigarettes Miss Anny! My mom quits loooong time agos but my dad still smokes dem. :(

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Mom will NEVER gives up her coffee!

Mr. Pip said...

This is totally cool! I am going to participate, but not sure I will choose coffee and cigarettes (even though I am a coffee addict!!!!

They have other subjects on the website. Maybe it is raining cats and dogs?

Your pal, Pip & Kristin (Pip's mom)

BeadedTail said...

The Sketchbook Project sounds interesting! I can't stand coffee or cigarettes so would certainly have to pick another topic!

houndstooth said...

No coffee or cigarettes for me!

I'm a little curious about the project, though!

Anny said...

I do the opposite Marg :) Each of us have our own habits. Its not a stupid thing... somehow.. coffee and cigarettes help people think better don't you think so? Have a good day ahead too!

Anny said...

coffee and cigarettes are just as hard to give up Ann... :) but i've seen my dad very agitated when he was smoking. I never wanted to grow up to be an angry person.

Oh.. my dad quit smoking now :) He did it in a week :) A very trying one week but he did it.

Anny said...

Beer and cigarettes seem like a good combination too.. hehhehe.. and cigars.. make them cuban :) It has been years and years since i drew too.. hahhahahaa i don't quite remember too..look at what i got myself into :p

Your mommy is a brilliant photographer Puddles.

Anny said...

The older they get.. its harder to kick the habit Maggie :) I will NEVER give up my coffee too!

Hope your booboo paw is better now.

Anny said...

You are a coffee addict too Kristin? tat's great. Hope you join this project too. It would be lotta fun.

raining cats and dogs seem like a good subject of choice. I wanted to take it earlier.. but i can relate better to coffee to get me drawing again :)

My love to Pip.

Anny said...

Great! Come join us on this Sharla.. it would be lotta fun to do it all together :D there's lots of topics to pick. Hope you jump on the bandwagon too!

Anny said...

Come join us on this Bunny! There's lotta topics to choose.. :) Check it out ya.

Nessa said...

Anny, I didn't know you sketch!! You ni diam-diam ubi la... hehe

Quick, kasi tengok your drawings la... just a sneak peek, maybe a stick of cigarette?? Hehe

Oh, I don't smoke them cigarettes. Waste of money IMHO. Lagi tak sedap pun, not dat i know la but it sure stinks... ekekeke

Now coffee... ahhh, coffeeee... me loves coffeee, especially when you put cream on top! Bliss!!

LOL @Mills & Boons! They used to intrigue me when I was a teen... curi2 baca my sis ponya M&B books. Ooops! Don tell her:$

But as I get older, the storyline bored me to death... hahaha. I can tell what was gonna happen next.

Anny said...

bilo aku jadik ubiiii.. aku bukan ubi.. tapi aku suka makan ubi sweet :p

i really haven't drawn anything for a long time.. just a lot of scribble on my buku nota here saja.. hahhahahaa

I don't smoke them cigarettes too... i was just testing it way back when i was a teen :p Yep.. its very expensive.. and i'll probably wheezeeeeeeeeeee.. *LOL*

aku pon suka coffee with cream... and caramel :) sedops nyam nyammm..

Urmm.. i also stole my eldest sister's M&B to read jugak.. hahahahaa.. But if you get one.. you read them all.. you can already gauge what's gonna happen next.. hehehehhe Probably M&B writers gonna axe both of us soon.. so we better run and hide.

Anonymous said...

Coffee and cigs...addictive drugs that's actually legal..none occur naturally and have to be processed.

Marijuana on the other hand occurs naturally...and is non "addictive"..hehehehe

Its a conspiracy i tell u, the big corps dun want u to have easy access to FUN.


Spiffy said...

Cigarettes, let me tell you a thing or three about cigarettes ... I hate the bloody thing and I cannot understand why people puff on them. I've never smoked in my life and never will. Good for you that you didn't take up smoking :D

Now coffee on the other hand is something I simply cannot do without. I'm a grumpy old man until I get my first cup of coffee ... we go through tons of 3-in-1 coffee in my household! LOL!

Yes, I echo Nessa, I didn't know you can sketch, quick show us some of your stuff la :D

Anny said...

Its a conspiracy again Stormy? *LOL* how do you define FUN?

Anny said...

A thing or three? i do know about cigarettes (what happen to two?) If i took up smoking, my mother would probably whack the living daylights outta me back then.. *LOL*

Coffee is surely most important to some of us. I do the 3-in-1 too because i am a lazy bugger.. hahahahaa.. But 3-in-1 is getting from bad to worse.. the taste sucks now. I sometimes wonder why i drink that coffee on some days.

I can't sketch/don't sketch much nowadays.. hahahhahaha.. seriously.. i do not know why i took it up... now i got to be an ubi. I'll try and do something.. or just kasi staple all the pages together and just print some of dommy paw prints on the page... and and... HELP!

the booker man said...

no cigarettes at my house! icky!!
my mama likes the coffee stuff, though. well, it's more like she likes coffee in her cream and sugar. BOL. :)
i'm lookin' forward to seeing your sketchbook thingie. that sounds really neato!

the booker man

pee s -- dommy! get your fuzzy hiney over here, and i'll share some treatsies with you! teehee!

Doxie Rod said...

nice to meet you dommy and piper!

thanks for the hello, love your blog! i'm glad we could be furfiends and that you stopped by :)



Anny said...

no cigarettes at my house too Norwood :) we are major coffee family here too.
hopefully i can cook up something decent to show you guys.. hehehhee

Dommy will be over to you by USPS :)
thanks for sharing your treaties with him :D

Anny said...

Hi there Doxierod... Nice of you to stop over here too. Any friend of Puddles is a friend of ours.

Emila Yusof said...

woofie! i have not started yet anny! i have to finish my buku besarrrrrrrrr first! aiyoo so tired already.