The days are getting cooler... now it rains more during the day and sometimes at night. I manage to put in more work in the afternoons as its cooler without the aircon.

Today has been a great day. I jumped out of the bed at 7.20 am... to shoo my nephew out of the door. He's late again. He's suppose to go for his first L driving licence class today and he had to be at the shop at 7.30am. As usual he is still checking his hair and face at 7.20... dang! How to teach a teenager about punctuality. Dad is already in the car waiting for this mister mister to be ready.. and zoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoom to the shops which is about 5 mins away. Dad went off to church after dropping the kid. Dom and i crawled back into bed and slept.

We only woke up at 10am... hahahhahaa.. what a good life :D Only on Sundays.

Dad and i went off to Tescos to do some grocery shopping. Urmm. Don't worry Spiffy... i wasn't stalking you at Tesco. But the rest will if you wear your stripey shirt or Emila's printed Australia tee... *LOL* Maybe you'll even bump into Bem one day :)

Tesco was so crowded in the afternoons. I wanted to run out the minute i went in.. hahhahahaa.. but the grocery had to be done... chocolates were cheap today. We got 3 big bars.. yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... And its all Nessa's and Marzie's fault. Their chocolator story got me craving for chocolates.

I wanted to buy a pillow for my chair as my back is aching cos i do spend long hours on the computer... totally forgot about the pillow at Tesco today. Guess i have to go check out Ken's shop now. The cushions he made is pretty. It looks very classy. If you are moving to a new house/apartment and need some throw pillows to decorate your house, do drop by the online shop. Even if you are not moving into a new house, a few new pillows will just spruce up the house in a jiffy like a total makeover :)

The biggest item i bought today at Tesco is toilet roll... *LOL* while the smallest item is.. urmm... urmm... an onion i think *LOL*

To go with the flow of the lazee Sundays, i didn't cook at all today. I just love Sundays.

2 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

What? You mean you didn't follow you dad to church? How could you? LOL! Don't worry, I don't go to church either, I just send the boys for Sunday school and run off ... hahaha!

Unknown said...

i do go to church every week to visit mom but only attend mass sometimes.
i'm not a catholic yet.. my parents are... my dad says we are the stubborn ones.. hahhahahaa