Blueberries... if you have one too many blueberries, do you get blue lips, blue teeth and a big blue tongue?
yes you do! you sure will :D
That would be a smashing sight to behold and i would do be a willing photographer if you would like your blues to be shot.. hehhehehee

Blackberries... if you have one too many blackberries, do you get black lips, black teeth and a big ole black tongue?
You'll just be a crackberry with lotta berries in your pockets. You will have beep beep teeth and a beep beep tongue and lips that quiver and go beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I think i've finally cracked.

6 woofs:

Emila Yusof said...

lol anny!

Anny said...

berry suda dimakon.. and all is fine in the Kingdom of Piper.

Nessa said...

Errr... errr... your Blackberry suda kaput issit?? *confused*

Anny very the quiet la today. Hope you OK! Boo!! :D

Anny said...

hahahhaa.. tarak la..
this ole Berry is oldddddddd and wise and hugeeeeeeee.. but its not kaputting yet.. hehehe
They make the ole berries very very hardy :D
Ayam the ok.. i bz dengan kerjooooo :D will visit u all soona..
eh.. how u know my name is Boo?

Nessa said...

How I know your name is Boo?? Dunno la... I guess it goes well with Anny. Anny Boo!! Hehe

Anny said...

ye tak ye jugo... tmrw i go to the registration dept and changed my IC to Anny Boo :D