It was a bright bright day when Stormy came by and whisked me away :) Off we went in the silver speed of a ride.. grinning like little kids. Stormy was home for a while and finally made it here.

We did a stopover in Kuala Kangsar and had one of the best salted fish fried rice and mee goreng.. and and tom yam too by the riverbank. It was simply deelicious. Small towns always offer some of the best simple food.

I caught London in Kuala Kangsar :D and a big big green plane too :)

Folks in Kuala Kangsar were smiling generously when i aim the camera at them... they grin broadly when i simply click away. When i went to buy some paus that Kuala Kangsar is famous for... the girl in the kitchen just whispered "abis" to me... hehhehee.. I find it so amusing. She practically whispered softly. Such soft spoken women.

We went on our way and stopover at a reststop to relive ourselves. It is one of the more beautiful and pleasant stops. Because what greeted us was the row of pink and white flower trees when we drove into the reststop. Stormy said.. take picture take picture.. hehhehee.. I didn't because i really had to pee. It was like a Sakura feeling. Kinda like cherry blossoms. But they are not cherry blossoms. It was just a very beautiful place. I just found out that the trees are called Tabebuia Rosea or Pink Trumpets.

Off we went on our way to Penang. I finally sank my feet into the beach again *smile*

... to be continued

5 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Ooooo, somebody went for a holiday I see :D I thought kena kidnapped by aliens ... LOL!

Unknown said...

*LOL* kidnapped lagi? usually if i m gone for days.. means i sneaked off somewhere where there's no computer :D my eyes needs rest konon :D

Unknown said...

oh.. by the way Spiffy... u DID ask me to go to Penang.. so i followed ur advice :D and we did have a great time. Priceless moments with a storm.

Anonymous said...

She WAS kidnapped by an alien,
I forgot to bring my IC


Unknown said...

kidnapped ko? hehhehee.. betui jugo... no ic.. *LOL*