#1 Find any surface and start practising.
#2 Swim when you are happy
#3 Never swim after a full meal
#4 Always warm up by running laps in the garden before you start to swim
#5 Always have an adult human to watch over you
#6 Don't go too far if you are tired
#7 Always open your eyes to check if there's an enemy lurking about
#8 Swim when its real sunny so you'll get a tan at the same time
#9 Look out for frogs
#10 Find a buddy to swim with you. Two is company, three is a lot of fun, many is a mighty splashing time.

10 woofs:

Nessa said...

Is that really Dommy, swimming.. errr... diving underwater??

I can't swim! I'm hopeless when I'm in the water :( Should have learned to swim but dunno la why I didn't bother to learn...

Anny said...

urm... no.. hahhahaa.. he was however swimming on the grass.. here's the actual picture.. http://boomoohoo.blogspot.com/2009/07/252-09.html

U can still learn how to swim.. for survival.. mana tau.. one day u go cruise ke.. diving ke.. knowing how to swim is good.. i've see a lot of ppl macam kita ni.. still can learn how to swim :)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Gee, for a moment there I thought your dog was swimming. Malu la like that, I can't swim and your dog can ... LOL!

T.H said...

wow lovely!

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Anny said...

hahhaha..terkeno jugo si spiffy nih.. :D dogs can swim.. but i think not underwater kot.. else the water masuk the nose.. abis..

Anny said...

tks TH :) will check ur site soon ya!

yoon see said...

Swimming over at the grass.
Wow! Just too funny!
May be next time be a super dog fly up the sky like the spaceman!

Anny said...

I think doggies love to do this swimming thingy on the grass.. :D
mebbe i shall consider ur idea of flying supadog :D

Rozella said...

Hahahahaha Rocky loves swimming on the grass too, but lately he has been sick lah. :( So sad. Baru today bring to vet. Kena jab twice!

Anny said...

Foxie Rozie! Dah balik jugo si dia :D
Hope Rocky feels better soon.. 2 jabs? mesti terok kan... hope he gets well soon and kasi swim on the grass again :)