Last week, i had an encounter with a Tumeric and brought it home. It was a wicked, bright orangey yellow and i love it. I named it Mr. Tumeric and it went on many adventures with me.

If you all can remember my near disaster with last week's Fast Forward Rendang which turned into Yellow Curry... you'll be wondering why am i messing with tumeric again :D

Ahh... i am a person who never follow instructions in recipe books. I never read manuals of digital cameras... (and i have been labeled stupid once for not knowing the ins and the outs of the camera i am handling) and i am never much of a follower.

And so.. today.. we decided to drag Mr. Tumeric out again and try another dish. How wrong can i go right? How many deja vu would i encounter in a lifetime of near disaster cooking.

Today's curry... looks better with a tinge of red. Here it is.

It looks better than last week's one right? Still with a tinge of yellow hehhehee.. I hope it taste much better too. But the itchy hands of mine drop a blob of tomato paste in this curry. It kinda have a sweet tomato taste.. urmm.. i'll let the experts try first and i'll come back and tell you the outcome :)

Good luck to me and hope i don't try anymore tumeric dishes for a while or just stick to tumeric fried chicken for safer bets. *LOL*

Btw.. one of the other dishes... was a disaster. *LOL* I am too ashamed to show you the pictures here.. hehehehehehehe

This week i've been labeled Tumeric Queen. TQ very much ^.^

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rizal said...


Thanks for following Incik RestNrileks! :)

Anyway, that curry looks delicious. Red and yellow.

I like my curry a bit spicy and thick, and i can just eat my curry with plain rice or with two slices of Wholemeal Gardenia Bread. (enaknya di makan begitu sahaja, tetapi lagi enak dimakan bersama kari- Whoaho!!)

I think Ms Tomato was jealous since you and Mr. Tumeric were bonding together-gether, hence probably she decided to drop by and jump in. : )

Happy blogging ya and have a great day.

Yup! i guess i ll be lurking this blog more often in the near future. : )

Eh! no email subscription? :)

Spiffy said...

Wah Anny, not bad what that dish, making me hungry la!

Spiffy said...

To be 100% sure, why don't you posraju to me and I'll try it and let you know ... LOL!

Nick Phillips said...

Aiyaaa show la the other picture ... hehehe!

Anny said...

ollaaaaaaaaa rizal :) timokasih for dropping by here :D

the curry's not too bad today.. hehe.. berjaya jugooooo.. ingat suda kantoi lagi.. *LOL*

i like my curry not too spicy.. else i drink more water than eat curry.. hehe.. but curry with bread is supa nice..

ya.. i think the ms tomato is jeles.. so it just kinda jumped right in and joined the salsa in the pot.

u have a great day too! and btw.. i love your sketches.. i always go to look at your sketches.. they are pretty amazing!

Anny said...

Today's curry takde disaster sangat Spiffy.. hehehe.. it was ok ponya :D thank god!

Anny said...

Posraju ka? u betui betui trust posraju ka? by the time the posraju gets to u.. the package would oredi stink... hahhahahahaa

Anny said...

urmm.. urmm... i didn't take pic of disaster dish... it was a total disaster *LOL*

Mariuca said...

Yummynye! Nak sikit! Spicy or not? :)

Anny said...

Yummy jugooooooooooooo.. spicy with a tad of sweetness to it :D it was weird jugooooooooo.. hahhahahaa come come Marzie.. i kasi masak again :)