ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ *hic* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


That's the collection of a snooooooooozzzing woof on a rainy Friday. He snooze and snooooooooze and kept on snoozing. Maybe he's getting a bit old... or bored. Maybe i should get him another woofy friend.

He's quite a light sleeper compared to me. The slightest sound and his ears will start to twitch... then he'll open one of his eyes to check... (opening of two eyes are for louder sounds). If its not something important or dangerous, he'll close that one eye and sleep. hehhehehehe

If he hears something loud or sniff something suspicious.. he'll run out like a mad dog from this room and secure the house with the loudest bark. An intruder will be scared or probably run if they hear such loud barkings. They do not know that behind the door is just a small curly. But never test your luck with a small doggies. Their bite could be as bad as their bark.

He's quite protective of us. Boy, Grandpa and me. Especially me since i am the only girl in the house.. hahahahhahaa... He guards me like a security guard. When i walk out of the house to the back lane to take out the trash.. he'll run the full length of the garden and keep a lookout... just in case i get into any trouble.

When i am out in the garden, he'll stay with me there or sit by the door and wait till i come in. Else he'll just wait there in case i need his help.. hehhehehee.. such a loving buddy.

Today we had quite a big thunderstorm here. The electricity tripped at 4.30 pm. I nearly blew another router today.. hehehhehehe.. The thuderstorms were loud.. very loud. The main switches tripped about 10 times. Being a corner house, it is quite dangerous when a big storm is out there. Especially thunder. Sometimes they can come in. Once it did come in through the kitchen and blew up the slow cooker.

When it rains or when there's thunder, do pull out the phone line from your router or modem. I blew about 2 routers.. and a few modems already. The thunder comes in through the phone lines and just blast the modem up. Burnt.

Even though it rained so much today, its still quite warm. Think i'll take a break now and go be a tv addict for the night. Have a great weekend folks :)

Someone is having a very Joyful Friday.

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Spiffy said...

Aiyaaa, I oso want to be a dog like that la, can sleep all day ... hehehe ...

Spiffy said...

Lucky you. At least you have a guard dog.

Yesterday, Pebbles was ran away from a cat in fear ... how la? LOL!

Unknown said...

urmm.. u don't have to be a dog to sleep all day laa.. just find a nice tree in park.. climb up to a nice big branch and sleep :) just try not to fall off saja.. hehe

Unknown said...

He is definitely a guard dog.. but scardy cat too.. hehhehehe

urmm.. she's quite smart to run away.. cos cats have sharp nails.. and they can scratch her face if provoked.

she's a shitzu laa.. she's supposed to just stay cute and manja manja only

emily said...

ahah no fair taking pictures of him sleeping! those are my least flattering moments.

emilayusof said...

hehe bestnya tidur!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Em.. welcome to our site :)
They are best caught when they are snoozing.. cos they are angelic and almost grinning when they are sleeping.

Unknown said...

Biasanya.. dia tidoooooo saja bila saya kerjo.. his life kan best Emi? it is a dog's life :)

Anonymous said...

why the legs so skinny? Gotta exercise them legs...poor Domy cud topple over..he's also a bit on the round side hehehe


Unknown said...

Yea.. i m reducing his food a little now.. but he seems to be hungry alllllllllllll the time.. or mebbe greedy a bit :) he could topple over if he gets too heavy one day.. the thought is pretty scary.