Hoooooooooooolaaa people :) I was home last weekend to see grandpa with mommy, Rachel and Bola. We have a great weekend together and many runs in the garden with the Kojak Dommy. Here's me getting a snooze in granpa's room. I like this room a lot because the floor is cooling and the room is very shady.

We were also preparing this room for Jai's return in January :) I bet Jai will love me more than Dommy because i am about Jai's size and i am as cute as Jai too.

Here's my Kojak brother trying to fit into my bed. He always lies in my bed when i come back. He lies in his own bed and my bed too alternately. Does he even know that he cannot fit into my bed. His paw is sticking out. This bed fits petite fellas like me. Dommy is too big for this bed. Can someone please tell him.

Now i have gone back to Kuala Lumpur with mommy and the kids. But i did packed all of Dommy's frozen foodies home. They are deelicious. Yum yummmmmmm... Bet he didn't know that :)


8 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Errr, who is Jai? Another dog ah?

Spiffy said...

And yeah, Dommy is a little too big for the bed la ... LOL! But he looks so comfy snoozing there la :D

Unknown said...

Jai is my new nephew who will be back next Jan..

habislaa engkao if my sister reads this.. she's gonna whack u silly.

Unknown said...

he's wayyyyyyyyy too big.. yep yep yep.. hahahhahaa.. but he likes to chop everything.. and annoy PP when PP is back.. hehehe.. kasi bully the smaller fella jugo.. but they dun really quarrel :)

Spiffy said...

Jai is your nephew? Alamak, die la like this ... LOL!

Remind me to stay away from your sister once she reads this ... hahaha!

*runs and hides head in ground in utter embarrassment!*

Unknown said...

When my sister reads this.. abislaaa both of us.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i better go run and hide too.

Its probably my fault.. for urmm.. not being specific :D

takpo takpo.. Jai will not be angry.

Nessa said...

Apalah Spaceman ni tak tau who Jai is!! (actuali I pon tak tau who Jai is la... hehe)

Unknown said...

Bebe J le tuuuuuuuuuuu.. hehehhehehe.. matila aku if sis happen to read this comments kotak... hehhehehee