An egg a day keeps the aches away
Two eggs a day keeps the aches at bay
Three eggs a day and the pains u slay
Four eggs a day and u go..hurrrrayyyyy!
Five eggs a day and in the ground u soon lay.
© Stormy

6 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Good thing I stop at two eggs a day ... LOL!

Good morning Anny.

Anny said...

2 eggs only? good for u.. :)

morning to u Spiffy!

baincardin said...

me too! two eggs a day! ^_^'

but sumtimes, eggs at all...^_^' huhuuu....

Nessa said...

ilove scrambled eggs topped with grated parmesan cisssss... patutla i tak pandai kurus :*(

Anny said...

biasanya 2 eggs a day jugo.. esp the half boiled ones ya Bain? :D

no eggs? urmm.. buy one big tray of eggs when u go Tesco.. so u'll have eggs all the time in the house :D

Anny said...

wahhhhhhhhh.. nyum nyummmmm.. suddenly.. i wanna have scrambled eggs with cis :D hehehhehee.. cis cis.. and i tot u were CIS angry when i read the cissssssssssss.. *LOL*