Happiness can be found in a warm curly :) Here's Curly doing his bit for the environment and soaking up the sun.

Well... there's goes our Sunday. Monday is already breathing down our necks.. *LOL* Dommy is so lucky cos every day is a Sunday for him. His quality of life is so much better. Maybe i should reexamine my quality of life and see if i can improve on it.

:) Goodnite!

2 woofs:

Spiffy said...

That's why they coined up the term 'it's a dogs life' ...

Just live your life to its fullest and you'll do fine, no need to improve the quality one :D

Unknown said...

hahahhaa.. ya ya.. it iss a dog's life :)

Living life to its fullest is not what i am doing now yet.. i am still a wee bit lazy :D like Dom.. we both just love to roll on the floor in the afternoons.