My apologies to some of you who have commented on my latest post. My comment "thingy" seems to be a bit under the weather today. I haven't found out what's wrong yet.. but soon :) else i'll probably change the template again *LOL*

Its an extremely hot day today. We are almost melting in this heat and Dommy has gone under the bed to seek the coolness there. But he still keeps nudging me once in a while to let him go out in the garden (in this extreme heat) to take a leak (which is his diabolical plan) but he's actually wanting to go to the garden to roll around on the grass. With eyes shut and lots of grass all over his curly self, it is a sight. *LOL*

That's all for now... i think i better go join him under the bed and hide from all this heat. If you are outside and out on the road, do drink lotsa water ya. We could use a rain dance now.

6 woofs:

Spiffy said...

It's not your template fault. It's a blogger thing. Mine doesn't show all your comments too. It just shows up in my email only ... I hope they get this fixed soon though.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Same here with my bloggie. :( I hopes they get it fixed soon.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Unknown said...

Yea.. good thing you told me Spiffy. Else i would have to go through the tedious task of tukar template again :) Some of my comments still missing jugo.. blogger's been eating the comments :D

Unknown said...

Yours too Maggie? Oh.. then its a universal thingy. Blogger's been bombed :D

Unknown said...

Yesterday was hot and i was dehydrated.

Went to bed at 9pm since i felt "sungguh tak bermaya dan letih"

About the comment, no problem. No wonder mine is missing too. Hopefully blogger will get it right asap.

Happy wednesday Anny.. :)

Unknown said...

Kinda like everyday is warm and extremely hot.. got to drink more water and hide in the house Rizal :D

sungguh tak bermaya dan letih? u got the flu bug?

ya.. blogger had a booboo last week.. and i thought it was just on mine.. *LOL* i am quite clueless sometimes..

hope you have had a great weekend!