Anny: Stop licking your paw Dommy

Dommy: But but.. i got nothing to do

Anny: Sleep. Go and catch your forty winks Dommy

Dommy: But but.. i just did.. all 40 of them.. i caught them all

Anny: Err.. go and check what grandpa is doing then. Maybe he'll give you some treats.

Dommy: But but.. i did that too while you were busy on the computer

Anny: That still don't give you any reason to lick your paws when you are bored

Dommy: But but.. i am bored. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Come play with me Anny. Let's go to the park. I smell them cats in the garden.

Anny: But but... i have loads to do Dommy. I am sorry

Dommy: *sighhhhh* (falls back to sleep)

Work has been quite a lot lately. *lol* My back is aching and my butt is all warm from sitting on this chair for too long. I think i am even making an indent on this chair :D

When i am working, Dommy sleeps beside me on his bed. Sometimes he sighs out loudly to tell me he is there... hahhahahahaa The minute i tell him, let's go.. he will run very happily to the garden with a huge smile stuck on his face.

These past few days, i hear a lot more sighs from his corner (yes yes.. dogs DO sigh) hehhehehee..

Sometimes having a dog around is very good for a stress free environment. The dog sort of tells you to unwind. Sometimes they invite you to their space to turn circles on the floor and sometimes they just tell you to go check out some cats in the garden. They give you a balance when you seem to have lost that balance.

Here he goes... running out with big *WOOFs* There must be someone at the door now... hahhahaa.. his motto is "Bark First, Check Soon".

He'll go running out barking wildly.. and then quiets down and comes back in if there's nothing suspicious.. hahhahahaa.. He does take good care of this family. Now he's back on his Poäng snoozing.

18 woofs:

yoon see said...

I hope you can work and play at the same time anny:)

Mariuca said...

meow meow! ooops i mean woof!

Mariuca said...

You are at Mariuca today dearie, thanks for advertising! :)

Mariuca said...

Dropped EC and clicked Adgi here today! ;)

Meghann said...

What a cutie! My dog tells me to take her on walks too. It gets me out of my house and thinking more clearly after staring at my laptop all day. I hope he gets to run in the gardens today too :)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Terror nyer your doggy can sleep on a poang :D

But yeah, listen to Dommy, all work and no play makes is not good for the soul ... wah, that sounds deep la ... LOL!

Nessa said...

I wish I could see Dommy's face or sound when he sighs :) So kiut la Dommy. I'd gladly bring him for walks... I need to lose loads of weight anyway.

You hebat la can have conversations with Dommy! I jeles!! Hehehe

Anny said...

I do i do work and play at the same time on the computer YoonSee.. hehhehee.. The play part on the computer is editting things :D dun worry.. i always find a balance from curly moo :)
hope ur feeling better today!

Anny said...

meow meow pon accepted Marzie.. this is a dog/cat friendly site :D

Anny said...

yep! i am finally at Maurica today :) i'll save some EC to be at Meow Diaries soon!

Anny said...

i dun know why i cannot leave comment on Maurica (i tried for many days).. hahhahaa.. by the way.. i love the pic of you and B at Shinjuku.. you both spell LOVE :)

Anny said...

Welcome to my blog Meghann :) i love Arwen's pics.. esp the ones beside the big white machine :D
Don't worry.. Dommy does get to go to the garden many times a day.. he rolls and runs laps in the garden.. it is all his :D

Anny said...

hahaha.. he does he does.. he is even sleeping on it now :) cos it goes poang poang poang when he jumps on it :)
i have much to learn from Dom.. that i know.
err.. u dooo sound berry deep.. hehehe

Anny said...

i'll try and record it with dad's camera.. just for auntie Nessa.. it just happens quickly.. ;)
He loves walks.. i bet he'll love you too.
Err.. i spend quite a lot of time with him... i talk to him all the time.. hahhahaa.. i m beginning to guess what his replies too.. hehhehee.. i need a life! hahaha..

yoon see said...

You can but I can't....
But it's OK.
Happy weekends:)

Anny said...

You can too YoonSee... Happy Weekends to you too!

Emila Yusof said...

hehe so cute!! i love his motto!

Anny said...

his motto actually works.. hahhahahaa.. spook people first.. so they will stay away and less of a job for him to do ;)