Desperate Times. I think the economy is not getting any better yet. The days are getting warmer and the air is smelling like a smokey filled room. *yucks*

I was back in my office for 2 whole days last week. Was kinda visiting my colleagues, working plus spending time yapping here and there. I guess its been a long time since i last went to office and go work as a normal working person in almost presentable looking working clothes. *LOL*

My office does not have a dress code. We don't come to work in suits and pants and dresses except the ones who are doing some work at the hotel. I have been working in jeans and tee for many years in this office. My dressing gets worse. Now i work in my pajamas and shorts.. hahhahahahaa.. Not that i am a fashionista in the first place.. :)

Since the economy is not very good, we have a few cutbacks in the office. No more 3in1 nescafes.. and delicious expensive cookies (how do we keep the staff awake.. with no coffee??) We still have coffee laa.. but not the 3in1. No more Milo Fuse in the pantry too... gone are the days when we can have milo, coffee, teh tarik, green tea, nescafe all at once in one day. Tissue paper also cut back too.. no more fancy tissue papers on every table. I was pretending to make lotta noise about the tissue paper issue. I just wash my hands and walk to the office manager.. and tell her... you see you see.. no tissue in the office.. with dripping hands.... and annoy her. She even try to give me her personal towel to wipe. Such a nice lady.. hahhahahaa.. Ya.. my colleagues bring their own handtowels to cut back on tissue paper wastage.

Now we don't print as much as we used to. We used to even print 2 liners of emails. *LOL* Less printing means less ink and paper wastage. Now that i am working from home, i don't even have a printer here. I am completely paperless and saving some part of the environment. (except for toilet paper) Thank God we still have toilet paper in the office.. hahahhahahaa

They stopped the cleaning services in the office so now everyone has a duty to do after lunch. One will be sweeping, another wiping the tables, another mopping the floor, someone is collecting the rubbish and two other fellas are washing the toilet. Its good for team building and builds good rapport... no one is complaining. Everyone seems happy doing the chores and helping out. And i must say, the office is cleaner now.

I am actually quite proud of my colleagues. In this desperate times, they have stuck together and try and cut corners here and there because every dollar counts. The last time we did this cleaning of the office ourselves was few years back when the economy was not good. We cut every corner and everyone did their chore. And we pull through. I am sure this time, we will pull through too.

Few months back, my neighbours wired fence got cut up... almost the entire fence late at night by thieves. Its a corner lot, and the garden is fenced up with the wire. It was a rusty wired up fencing. These two loonies decided to cut people's fence up at 4am in the morning. I bet they spent quite a while cutting and rolling it up *LOL* It will probably only fetch them about 15 dollars when they try and resell the rusty wires.

When we woke up the next day, i was looking at my neighbour's unfenced house and thought that he was going to refence his house with new wires. Never in a million years would i think that someone would actually steal the wires. He was fenceless for about two weeks. He finally got it re-fenced and it costs him close to 500 bucks. But then again, some loonies were stealing all our garbage cans last year... hahahhahahahaa.. what a neighbourhood rite?

Desperate times.

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Nessa said...

It's good to be frugal. Every cent counts... sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit! :D

I pon minum kopi ciplak je. The non-braded ones cost RM3-4 lesser than Nescafe 3-in-1 and the taste still yummy :)

I can't afford Milo now... telampau mahal and my 2 boys consume 1kg Milo in just 5days!

Unknown said...

Yep.. it is good to be frugal... but i still have 3in1 nescafe at home :)

Milo is mighty expensive nowadays.. only Boy drinks it.. and only once a day.. so we still buy for him.

I used to just eat milo off the can.. hahaha.. mebbe that's what your boys are doing and your milo is finishing fast.. :D we even used to put it on bread.. like sandwich.. its niceeeeee..

Unknown said...

if u like black coffee Nessa (the type u bancuh in the tin mug and strain it).. i must send u some.. Ipoh has one of the nicest coffee around..

Nessa said...

Dat's exactly wat they did, caught them red-handed (ate straight from the tin)!

They say they were craving for chocolates some more. Makes me feel as if I don't feed them well... hmmmm...

But I'm oso guilty of such pleasure. Sometimes I tuang susu pekat and mix with a few spoonful of Milo. Yummy!!

Nessa said...

We have dat type of black kopi back home, the femes one is called kopi Tenom, cos it's produced in the Tenom district... somewhere in the interior of Sabah.

Yeah, I've heard of the femes Ipoh black kopi :)

Wah, so kind of you Anny. No la, don wan to trouble you... next you'll be sending me packets of rice and tins of Milo! LOL! *just kidding ya*

Unknown said...

hahahhaa.. everyone does it.. i m sure even mamat Spiffy does it once in a while too.. eating milo off the can :)

wait till they are in their late teens.. they will continuously be hungry all the time every hour of the day.. hahahhaa

milo with susu pekat on bread is real nice.. hehhee.. mom allowed us to do that last time.. but she also caught us red-handed eating off the can too :D

Unknown said...

ooo.. i might go try kopi tenom if i am at Sabah :)

err.. coffee can be mailed.. but packs of rice and tins of milo is a no-no.. hahhahaa.. will cost me more to mail it than to buy it.. hehhehee

Ipoh is femes for its white coffee.. but its black laa.. and there's a technique to making that kopi.. everything got to b real panas.. ;)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Aiyah, you two ah? First talk about miso soup, then teppanyaki, now kopi lagi ... I'm dying of thirst and hunger la ... LOL!

I'm a kopi addict and I can drink my kopi black, blue or green ... hehehe!

Actually at least your office still got cheap kopi. My office worse, langsung takda! If I want kopi have to go to the mamak across the road ... sigghhh!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Oh btw, how do I send you the coding for the little icon at the bottom of the page thingy that you want, ah?

Unknown said...

women usually talk laa about food.. and prices.. and clothes... i think we kinda almost covered that.. hahhahahahaa..

kesianyoooooooo ur office takde kopi at all? kedekutnya your boss... the basics of keeping the staff awake.. is give them lotta coffee.. hahahhahaaa

coffee got green ka?

Unknown said...

oh baiknya spiffy ni... please email the coding to me...
Sekian terimakasih (i think i missing Bem & his terimakasih..) hahhahahahaa