Its the time of the month, and when it is the time of the month, my knees go weak. I become lazier and time just flies by. *LOL*

My work is also picking up speed. We have to prepare for year end stuffs. Its mind boggling when you have too many yahoo windows popping asking you about the silliest things sometimes. If i can reach into the screen and give them a good shake, i would.

These two days have been a flurry of McFlurry events. I spend an entire day just staring blankly at my computer screen yesterday. Waiting for some news. I hate waiting. And i hate keeping secrets from my father. I am not exactly very good at pulling a straight face when i am worried. Well, we had our reasons for not letting him know yet. One less person to worry. At least he had a good day singing on Youtube. We finally told him in the evening and thank god he didn't scold me for keeping it from him.

We are going on a roadtrip tomorrow to visit my sisters and me with my hammer, i guess i'll just give them both a good knock on their heads too.

As with roadtrips, i always check my car before i travel. Since its was almost due for the regular oil change and stuffs, i send my car to my usual mechanic and left it there. I asked him to check on the absorbers for the tyres as well because they were making funny sounds. Kinda like a kreek kreek kreek and a kruk kruk kruk when i turn the wheels. He checked everything and came to my house to give me the estimates. The estimates looked ok to me, so i ask told him to get the job done.

Dad is not in a very good mood today. His phone got swiped from his car when he went down for breakfast. He forgot to lock his car door. Being an old man, they sometimes forget to take the phone from the car or they forget to lock the door.

When he came back, he was searching high and low for his phone. Then he told me. I think i lost my phone. I told him its ok. We cannot do anything since we called the phone and it was off. Probably the thief would have thrown the sim card already. This is actually the 2nd time he lost his phone. The first time was really bad. He was angry and agitated and fuming and scolding. We went everywhere looking for that phone. It was from us... his birthday gift. When he has cooled down after a few days, we got him a new one, the same phone. He was grinning after that. So this time, i was actually quite calm and told him.. its ok. We'll get a new one. A cheap one. Its just a phone. Don't get angry about it. He was angry with himself for being forgetful.

I asked my nephew to go with dad to the phone center to get a new sim card. All set. Sim card in his old old phone. And i left it at that.

All hell break loose when he asked me why my car was so long at the mechanic. I told dad, i asked the mechanic to check some sounds. Then he went on and on about me getting cheated by the mechanics. When my car came back, he asked me how much. Then i told him 200 something. (as usual i will lower the amount) hahahhahahaa.. Then he asked to see the bill. Die la. Then he asked, so what did they change that costs 200 something. I said some bearings on the front wheel. And the usual service.

I went to my room and hide the bill.. hahhahahahaa.. It was 300 something :) But i did change a few things. The mounting on the front wheel... and lower arm bush front for the wheel. And the service for the oils and stuffs. So 300 something was reasonable to me.

I have been driving since i was 19. This car of mine has been with me for 10+ years. I've always taken care of my car myself. Though there may be many times shops might con me here and there. Whatever is broken has to be mended. Not all mechanics are out to con you. And this shop belongs to my father's friend. That's why i go there in the first place.

I don't understand why each time i go and repair my car or serviced my car... i'll come back and get an earful from my father. He always says i am getting conned. But i have lives in my hands when i go on roadtrips. The least i could do is get the car serviced and checked before i go on long journeys. If i am travelling alone, i don't really care.

I do know and respect my dad as he is older and he has taken more salt than i have taken rice. And that is why each time i just keep quiet. I won't answer back and just hide them bills. hahhahahahahahahaa

After the lost phone and my mechanic bills, he got so angry and worked up. His pressure went slightly high and after dinner, he said he was not feeling well. I took him to the doctors and the doctor said it was gas. I think he got spooked there again. He thought that he was having a heart attack.

Bottomline is, i am old enough to handle my own car and my things. I am old enough to make wise decisions. He is old enough to know that life is for the living. And not get angry over the slightest of things and getting sick. I guess dads will always be just overly protective. We will always just be their little girls.

And this is when The G a p comes in.

In UK, they will tell you to Mind The Gap in the tubes. But their gap is the space between the trains and the platforms. I guess Mind The Gap works here with us too. We'll just have to be tolerant and dad will just have to be tolerant too over my stupidity. hehhehee..and there's the other Gap which is Boy. We are three generations of people living in a house with a dog. Thank god there is a dog. He's the buffer :D

Before i end this long windy story, before you get angry, just remember Steven Covey's 90/10 Principle.

10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Hope dad is ok. What a day you had...a roadtrip will do you good. Take care x

yunus said...

haha... great story! especially about that G.A.P between you n your father :) have a nice trip Anny!

Nessa said...

Enjoy your trip Anny! :D

I admit I'm not the world's patient person but I can be very patient if I want to.

Trouble is... when I'm too patient and the person whom I try hard not to get on my nerves become even more irritating, I get even more pissed than before.

Eventually when everything is bottled up, sooner or later it explodes.

My dad has a tendency to be controlling but he has mellowed down with age. Believe me we were all (my sisters and me) afraid of him which I think shouldn't be the case.

I have learned to speak up, well, explain to him as to why I do certain things the way I do. And I try not to get upset if he doesn't agree with me because I can't let him rule my life forever.

Parents will always be overprotective whether we like it or not. And I do the same things with my kids! Yikes!! I need to learn to let the strings lose so the kite can soar...

Hmmm... I hope I am making some sense here :)

Perhaps I should get a dog :P

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Orang tua la AnnyBoo, always like that one. One day when I grow old (I'm still young btw ... hehehe) I'll probably be like that with my kids! As it is I'm getting grumpier by the day ... LOL!

Nessa said...

Oops! Panjangnyer my comment :$

Unknown said...

Dad is fine.. no worries.. he is very happy... esp today. They are having lotta fun in PD.

Unknown said...

ya.. now that i read the story again.. i am laughing.. hhahahhahaa.. betui gila sumtimes Yun :) i caught some greens over at ur side! beautiful :D

Unknown said...

thanks Nessa :) i am more tired now than i was last friday.. hahhahaa.. but at least a yellow furry fella kept me laughing.

i am not the world's patient person too... and i am no angel.. but i do try to keep things neutral at home.

and when i dooooooo bark.. everyone is actually afraid that i will bite.. *LOL*

err.. a dog does help :D they are great buffers :)

Unknown said...

ur still young ka Spiff? hehhehee.. we R all still young :D i think ur getting less grumpier.. cos ur complaining less on the bikin panas :D

Unknown said...

hahahaa..tak de le panjang sangat Nessa.. but thanks for the advice and your sharing :D