Hello all :) I am finally back from my roadtrip. Kinda got extended in a way :D

We were just in Kuala Lumpur to visit my sisters and Piper. When i am in KL, i usually forget about computers and just like to lie low and be lazy. Am even more tired than i was last friday. *lol* Guess its the "age thingy".

My knees are kinda giving up on me. My whole body is aching from god knows what i have been doing.. hahhahahahaa.. All i actually did was walk some dogs. Three to be exact :)

Kuning was here last week. Sis was dog-sitting for her friend. She was with her for a whole week. Kuning makes her happy. A goldie with their magical smile and their ever happy face just lights u up like a lightbulb.

I am happy to see her smile and am less stressed when Kuning is here. Even though walking this mighty strong girl is a feat in itself. hahahhahahahaa

From this last weekend i spent with Kuning... i found out that Goldies...

1) are with lotta energy... just watch the movie Marley and Me and you'll see Kuning. She's almost like Marley.. hahhahahahaha

2) they can walk very very far... and never seem to tire

3) they love to drink every other puddle of water or any water they can find on the ground

4) they pee quite a bit considering the water they lap up everywhere

5) they love to chase birds.. hahahhaha.. they are so excited when they see birds.. so hold on to them when you walk them

6) whether they are female or male, they still love to hump our legs.. hahhahahahaa
(the guy at the grooming shop was saying.. hey.. ur dog is hamsap**... then i said.. err.. she's a female.. then he went.. izit??? he even bend down to look.. hahhahaha.. then he was scratching his head and went.. why was she humping my legs.. *LOL*)
**hamsap means itchy or pervert in Cantonese (usually refers to a male)

7) dogs ONLY listen to their owners commands and will just conveniently forget all the commands that they have learnt when they are with strangers

8) goldies poo only once each time u take them for a walk.. but be ready for a big big poo.. hahhahahaaa don't forget to bring the scoop

9) if you have weak shoulders, don't even try to walk a goldie who is still at its puppy years... they just drag u everywhere

10) goldies love grass... they love grass as much as they love water

11) goldies love to dig too.. hahahhahaha.. i shud get a goldie to help me dig holes on the ground if i want to plant anything :D

i think Goldies are just basically very happy dogs. They love to please and they love you to bits. They love to lick your face too. Their saliva is a lot too.. hahhahahahaa..

I love this Kuning even though she seems unruly and uncontrollable like Marley. But she's still just a puppy. She has grown quite a bit since i saw her in February. And best of all, she made Dom smiled. I finally manage to capture the picture that i was looking for.

21 woofs:

Ken said...

Seems like Kuning do have an aura that makes people happy when we're around her...
Sometimes not just human but animals too have such aura...glad you had a tired but a happy roadtrip here in KL :)

Nessa said...

Yayyyy Anny's back!!! Welcome home!! :D :D *throws confettis*

Nessa said...

Morning Ms Anny!!

Kuning is a Golden Retriever? Dat's wat you meant by Goldie right?

From the photo, she looks so big and you said she's just a puppy! Love the photo, the smiling eyes, the happiness! :D

Hey, I can dig for you :P

ps. I want to see the photo of Dom smiling :D

Unknown said...

hi Ken! long time never hear from you :D m waiting for the opening of you tapestry e-shop :)

Kuning does make people happy.. her smile is contagious.. hahhahaaha she's such a strong animal.. my arms are still aching.. hehehe..but i had a great time with her

Unknown said...

wahh... got confetti some more :D thanks thanks!

Unknown said...

morning Nessa :)
yep.. goldies are Golden Retrievers

she's not even one yet.. and not at her full grown size i think.. but she's big. Suddenly Dom seems so tiny.. hahahaha

i know u love to dig too.. hhahahhaa..

gonna post Dom's picture soon :)

Spiff,The Spaceman said...

You're back. I thought some aliens got you ... LOL!

You were in KL? Good thing I was hiding out ... LOL!

That is a handsome dog la! I've always wanted a dog but don't have the time to look after one.

And urrrmmm, what's with all the digging ah Nessa? LOL!

Unknown said...

aliens ka? hahhahaaa.. i was just lazy la..

err.. u knew i was in KL and went hiding? hahahhaa..

urmmm.. Nessa love to dig ditches in the garden :)

Kuning is a female :D pretty girl eh? this doggie sure need a lot of time.. and energy.. and attention.

Spiff,The Spaceman said...

I know Kuning is a girl but I still think she's a handsome dog :D

Oh ya, forgot that Nessa sukato dig parit ... LOL!

Unknown said...

hahahhaa.. handsome it is then for Kuning :D

err.. i think she doesn't know she's a girl too.. cos she likes to hump people's legs.. hahhahahahaha hamsap girl!

yep.. Nessa and her Eau de Parit :D

Nessa said...

Haiyah!! You two ah love to mention2 my name... no wonder my eye twitches all the taim :P *perasan*

Unknown said...

hahahaha..twitches ka? its a good thing to be mentioned :D ur loved :D hehehhehee

Spiff,The Spaceman said...

Nesaa, Nessa, Nessaa ... I'll bet your eye twitching like crazy now ... hahaha!

Unknown said...

*twitch twitch twitch* hehhehehee... seronoknya kita kan Spiff :D

Nessa said...

Hmmmphh!! I kasi rotan you two nanti!! :P :P

Ken said...

yes, I have been MIA for awhile, even stopped blogging. Just didn't find the mood to blog then.

My shop is opening very soon...I hope...has been delayed since May..must open by end of the month or earlier :)

Stay tune!!!

emilayusof said...

woofie!! you were in KL!!! And I was in Raub! Kalau tidak we can meet up!

Unknown said...

aiks! kasi rotan ka? *lariiiiiiiiiii* u kasi rotan si Spiffy laa..

Unknown said...

Opening soon? that's great Ken! looking forward to it :D

Unknown said...

one fine day.. we'll meet Emi.. :) my time in KL pun stretched sikit :D penot betui jaga 3 anjing.. hehehe

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Rotan? Spiff got his ray gun out!