dear beloved uncles, aunties and bloggie friends,

Thank you for all your nice nice and kind wishes. Now that i am finally 7.. i am an old and wise doggie now. But i still love to run very fast in the garden. Grandpa says i don't run. I gallop like a horse *woof*

Here's me having my birthday treat. Its a mighty big treat. After finishing this greenie, i am all poofed!

I had a wonderful birthday. No cake but lotta lotta treats! I am beginning to grow sideways. When i walk, my stomach kinda sway left and right. I must exercise more and snooze less. But urmmm.. i am a doggie.. i need all my 40 winks :)

Catch all of you again soon. Power Nap time.

*woof Woooooooooof*


8 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

LOL! Sounds just like my stomach - sways left and right.

Good to know you had a great B'day lil fellw :D

Anny said...

yes i diddddddd.. i did have a great one :) tks again Uncle Spiff

btw.. anny says to tell u that.. she still thinks its casper :p

Nessa said...

I'm growing sideways too.. hahaha

Anny, apa you bagi Dommy makan tu?? Macam kayu la! :O

Anny said...

Bukan le kayu Nessa.. *LOL*
its a bit soft treat called Greenies.. he doesn't get this treat all the time.. hahahhahaa.. that's why he's not getting go and keep on munching.. :D

ain't all of us growing sideways.. hahhahaha.. me too me too

Nessa said...

Oh, Greenies ka... haha *blush*

I don know about these things, last taim we had a dog, we fed him with our food leftovers. It's a kampung dog, not like Dommy.

Must remember not to buy Whiskas for dogs... hehehe

Anny said...

when i small... all our doggies ate what we ate too.. the leftovers of our rice and stuffs :)
now we have more choices.. and more advertising hence more danger to the dogs (i think).. hahaha ops! we work for the advertising industry :D
i think rice and meat for dogs are just as good as the kibblets..
he only gets greenies on special days :D
i guess mebbe i m spoiling him sometimes.. *LOL*

Nancy said...

I am 10 now and my belly does the same thing. I am a Doberman and people always ask me if I'm a Rottweiler, urrgghhh -- or if I'm pregnant, geez, can't a girl grow old gracefully without all the comments :)

Anny said...

Don't worry Lena.. we doggies have big hearts.. dun mind them humans and what they say... you are beautiful girl!